FireSteel Armageddon

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  • One of our most popular rods, the Armageddon series is 3/8" in diameter and comes in 2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5", & 6" lengths
  • The Armageddon Series is also available with a hole for stringing onto a lanyard, choose this option before you put the rod into your cart
  • Armageddon 2" x 3/8"
  • Armageddon 2.5" x 3/8"
  • Armageddon 3" x 3/8"
  • Armageddon 5" x 3/8"
  • Armageddon 6" x 3/8"
$9.17 - $32.77


The FireSteel Armageddon Series by are 3/8 of an inch thick & provides plenty of big molten sparks yet fits well in most survival kits.


  • Size: 3/8 inch diameter by 2,2.5,3,4,5, or 6 inches long (9.5 x 76.2mm)
  • Weight: .85, 1.05, 1.26, 1.67, 2.09, or 2.5 ounces (24, 30, 36, 47.5, 59, or 71 grams), respectively
  • Robust 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions
  • Composition: ferrocerium rod


  • Genuine FireSteel.
  • Enough FireSteel to make many thousands of fires.
  • Huge robust sparks that you expect from a FireSteel
  • Easy to use and very safe (Common sense required when using any firemaking gear).
  • Premium firesteel formula that takes your firesteel firemaking to a whole new level
  • 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions

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214 Reviews

  • 5
    Fire Steel.

    Posted by Armageddon on Apr 7th 2021

    Best fire steel in the solar system

  • 5

    Posted by JAG22 on Apr 2nd 2021

    Perfect travel size and exceptional fire starter

  • 5
    Now I know

    Posted by Tom Bailey on Jan 31st 2021

    I have used many ferro rods over the years including several firesteels. I have long ones, short ones, skinny ones and fat ones but when I got the Armadeddon, I set up a safe place to give it a go. The second scrape and the shower of very very hot sparks flew in such abundance that my tinder bundles was engulfed before I could pick it up. I have never seen such a tremendous volume of hot sparks from anything I have ever used. The reason it took me two scrapes was simply I was not utilizing the scraper as I should have. On the second scrape, I have enough sparks spewing forth, before I had traveled an inch. They simply don't get make better products than these guys at Firesteel. I will be ordering more in the very near future to make sure we have double redundancy in our emergency supplies for each member of my family.

  • 5
    Want sparks? But these

    Posted by Joe on Nov 8th 2020

    Listen. It sucks trying to get inferior metals to spark. This brand is phenomenal. You can throw sparks quite a ways with this. I just use the back of my Mora knife that I filed a sharp 90 on and it works perfectly. Trust me. These are the steels you want. This company specializes in this. They stake their entire reputation on this. Plus they are from New Hampshire and that’s my home state so I’m a little biased! Smile.

  • 5
    3/8 firesteel

    Posted by John Brenne on Sep 25th 2020

    Purchased the 3/8 Armageddon with strikers in 6,5, and 4 inch lengths. I carry them in my leather knife sheaths so 3/8 is fixed size fore me. These are great firesteels and Ron's customer service is even better. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    FireSteel Armageddon, "HUGE"!

    Posted by Rob from Mississippi on Sep 8th 2020

    Hello. Like other reviewers, i debated between the 4", 5" or 6"! So glad i ordered the 6" Armageddon FireSteel! I wrapped 3" Gorilla tape and 1.88" Duck tape (to capture magnesium shavings in windy conditions) on one end of the rod. Ilma has been great to listen to ideas and assist with being 'prepper' innovative. I appreciate her and Great products and terrific service!

  • 5
    Solid Company and Product

    Posted by Rick on Aug 3rd 2020

    Have bought several times from this company. Product has always been top notch. Speed of service has always been fast. Customer service was helpful the one time I had a product question. Prices are good. You may find something a few pennies cheaper, but that’s not a reason to buy from anywhere else, in my opinion, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and these guys have their act together.

  • 5
    6” Armageddon

    Posted by Mikel McCorvey on Jul 31st 2020

    Bought the 6” version—a beast. Love how it sparks. I actually like it better than my GobSpark. I do wish the lanyard hole was slightly larger — tough to get paracord through it. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Firesteel rods

    Posted by Jerry Hollberg on Jul 17th 2020

    Wonderful Product...Hands down the Most effective Ferrocerium rods I have ever used...My family demanded that I get them these firesteels and to date I have bought at least 7. Together with the Magnesium rod, a fire can be started under almost ANY condition.. In fact, shredded jute twine will burst into flame with a good shower of sparks from one of these sticks..

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