FireSteel Toggles

FireSteel Toggles

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Imagine sparking up a fire from a button or toggle you attached to your clothing or gear - How cool is that!

Many people are making their own paracord bracelets or other home-made gear and adding a toggle to make sure they can start a fire when they need one.

We button up fire with our FireSteel Toggles.  These toggles are ready for use on your very own gear inventions, paracord bracelets, shirts, shoes or whatever gear you create.

Scrape the FireSteel on the FireSteel Toggle as you would any FireSteel to produce a shower of white hot 5500 degree F sparks.  A great piece of gear that serves not only as a toggle but also an emergency firestarter

"Don't be Boggled
Get Toggled!"

  • Our FireSteel Toggles are an inch long and 5/16" diameter with two lanyard holes to make attaching these to your gear a breeze. FireSteel Toggles are a great addition to any gear because you can use them  to start a fire!

    FireSteel Toggle

    Spark up a fire using your buttons - how's that for convenient? Toggles All of our Toggles are made with the same dimensions as shown in the photo above. Made from the exact same FireSteel as our FireSteel Rods and...