Check out the sparks that FireSteels throw! Watch and listen to these big beefy sparks dance and pop around on the floor.

Warning! Do NOT try this at home! This is serious fire making gear!

Note: in this firesteel video I am using one of the older model FireSteel Scrapers.  The new "Super FireSteel Scrapers" are even better!

John from UW Gear

For several years I have enjoyed watching the Alpha-Charlie Concepts youtube channel, where John shares his expertise and experience or as he calls it "concepts and info for the self reliant prepared citizen" in a no nonsense easy to digest manner.

Recently John acquired some FireSteels and made a video detailing his views on their utility and use.

John also personally makes and sells his line of custom made tactical gear, which you can see on his UW Gear Don't Forget Nothing website.

Be sure to visit John's youtube channel and gear website, you can learn alot from him!

One Handed FireSteel Fire Starting!

A FireSteel enthusiast tries his hand (one hand) at starting a fire with one of our FireSteels:

How a Black Bear's Tree Can Help You Start a Fire

Starting a fire in winter can be difficult because most dry tinder is buried beneath snow and ice.

In this video shot in the Great North Woods, we discover an excellent source of tinder while exploring a favorite tree of bears.

Then we view spectacular mountain scenery that is just as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Do FireSteels Make Fires in the Worst Conditions? You Bet!

In this video I pick up a FireSteel that has been soaking in ice water and easily start a fire with it.  All you have to do is scrape the thing and you will get a big shower sparks - couldn't be easier!

No matter how good your survival gear, you need to know how to use it!  And FireSteels will never let you down.

Petes Fatwood and FireSteel Video

Pete purchases his FireSteels from - the place where you can get the worlds best FireSteels.

See him get large, robust sparks to start his fires

Tim's Exothermic-Welding Powder and FireSteel Experiment

See Tim's fire starting experiment using exothermic-welding powder and a high-temperature "Firesteel" ferrocerium rod

A User Demonstrates using the Bunker FireSteel

Sparking a FireSteel

A 10-year old demonstrates her expertise at using a FireSteel from  Sparks so easy even a kid can do it! Super Scrapers

You may have seen our Super Scrapers all over the Internet. People know a great tool when they use one - these scrapers produce the greatest sparks when scraped against a firesteel.

Also known as "FireSteel Strikers", they are made of a specially treated and hardened steel that gives the greatest sparks with the least effort.

When I shot this video I had been hiking all day through very difficult terrain and was pretty tired - but I KNEW I could start a fire for the evening!

While demonstrating our firesteels using this scraper, the sparks are falling nearly four feet onto the forest floor.  I had to stop or else the leaves would have caught on fire.