Square FireSteels by

Square FireSteels by

We finally have our new Square FireSteels in stock and posted for sale. What's more, after about two weeks of use in the field by dozens of customers the jury is in: our Square FireSteels are a hit!

As Mike, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee writes:

"I bought one of these [Square FireSteels] due to being curious about how it would compare to a round firesteel. I'm impressed! I handed it to my wife and told her to build a fire - the sparks from the new flat side rod looked like someone was welding. Great product - more sparks and seemed hotter."

Big Robust FireSteel Sparks

That's the main thing about FireSteels - these are the Real Deal FireSteels that give the big robust sparks that everybody in the survival, bushcraft, military, and other online communities are talking about.

Another Square FireSteel user pointed out that these are actually "rectangular firesteels", which is true. Call them what you like - Rectangular FireSteel or Square FireSteel - same robust high sparking formula all FireSteels are famous for, but in a new and interesting shape!

Be among the first to give our Square FireSteels a try: same high sparking formula is famous for, but now in a unique new shape.

Here is the link for our new Square FireSteels:

Square FireSteels come in two sizes and your choice of with or without a lanyard hole:

  • 3/8-inch square by 3-inches long - your choice with or without a lanyard hole
  • 3/8-inch square by 4-inches long - your choice with or without a lanyard hole

I like how these FireSteels stack as well as the sharp angles that allow for very precising scraping concentrating on the edges.

At this time has several hundred of each size of Square FireSteel, in stock and ready to ship. More are being made, so there are plenty of Square FireSteels for everyone!

Get out there, enjoy the day, and have fun making Fires!


Jul 26th 2015 Ron Fontaine

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