Why Have a FireSteel?

Why Have a FireSteel?

Why Have a FireSteel Part One
Why Have a FireSteel Part Two

I am often asked “ Why should I have a FireSteel”? Good question!

In answer to that question, one of the first things I like to do is mention who has and uses FireSteels,. Once people know that recognized experts use our FireSteels they are more open to a detailed explanation as to “why”.

So before we get down to the nuts and bolts of “Why” lets explore a bit about "Who" uses my special brand of FireSteels.

The Military Uses FireSteels

There must be good reason for many thousands of members of the US military to be using FireSteels in the field. The US Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Special Forces of all branches carry our firesteels and put them to good use in all conditions imaginable.

When you are carrying 30, 50, 100-pounds or more of gear in the field as the military does, every ounce counts. What's more, space is limited even on military transport vehicles so everything right down to the firemaking gear they choose to use is a very important decision.

Part of that gear is often one of our premium FireSteel Rods.

Why? Because FireSteels are the real deal. They always work! The US Military knows that when things get tough and a fire is needed - perhaps for your very survival - our FireSteels are the insurance they need. FireSteels are a Non-Military Favorite Too

And that's not to mention the tens of thousands of hikers, hunters, fishermen, mountain bikers, preppers, survivalists, and home owners who buy FireSteels from for non-military use.

At this very moment, FireSteels are being used in the deserts of the Middle East, the South American rain forests, the northern tundra at -40 below zero. Anywhere you can imagine where you need to make a fire, FireSteels have got you covered.

I have seen pictures of a GobSpark Armageddon being used on the slopes of Mount Everest. The mountaineer easily lit his gas stove while wearing thick mittens as a storm raged outside his tent.

Even the Special Effects and Movie Industry use our FieSteels – you likely have seen fires on television and in movies that were ignited by our FireSteels! FireSteels are Proven

The reason so many experts are using our FireSteels is simple: FireSteels are proven, dependable, reliable in all environments for when you need to make a fire.

Fact is, our FireSteels are The Real Deal and the experts know that.

Next up, now that you know who has our FireSteels we get down to the nitty gritty showing you the details as to why you should get one or more for yourself.

Get out there, stay safe and have fun making fires!

Ron Fontaine LLC

Mar 20th 2015 Ron Fontaine

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