Make a Baked Wood FireSteel Handle

Make a Baked Wood FireSteel Handle

Sebastian who lives in Illinois, a repeat customer, is kind enough to share his interesting method for creating a handle for his FireSteel that also has an embedded compass.

His unique FireSteel handle is attached to a 3/8 -inch diameter by 4-inch long Armageddon FireSteel. The other end of the wooden handle has one of our button compasses securely glued in place.  He has also added a lanyard through which a Magnesium Bar (as a fire starting aid) and Super Scraper has been strung.

In Sebastian's own words, this is how he did it:

* After all drilling is done but prior to attaching anything I used Pecan Walnut 1 step stain and seal (2 coats). Put nails into each end temporarily to suspend over parallel 2x4's and allow stain to dry.

  1. Cut branch into 2-1/4 inch length
  2. Bake in oven on 220 degrees for 1 hour to dry wood.
  3. Spindle sander to bevel the edges.
  4. Using a 3/8-jnch drill bit, drill 1/2-inch into center of one end of the wood
  5. Epoxy FireSteel into the hole
  6. On opposite end of wood use a drill press, forstner bit and epoxy for compass
  7. Drill 3/16-inch hole in side of wood for insertion of a lanyard.

I think Sebastian's baked wood FireSteel handle came out well. I hope it sparks some FireSteel ideas of your own!

And remember, FireSteels are made using an especially high-sparking formula.  When you want the best you can't go wrong choosing our FireSteels for your unique project.

Enjoy the day, and have fun making fires,


Jul 15th 2015 Ron Fontaine

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