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FireSteel Super Scraper

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  • High Grade Steel of the Hardest Quality - FireSteel.com Super Scrapers are designed to give World Class sparks when used with our World Class FireSteels
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 Product Description

FireSteel.com Super Scrapers (also known as "firesteel strikers") are specially manufactured using an extra-hardened metal alloy that maximizes the amount of sparks you get when scraped against a FireSteel.  These scrapers have become the de-facto scraper of choice among firesteel enthusiasts.  Many customers have purchased my specally made firesteel scrapers by the dozen and even by the hundreds!

If you want the most out of your FireSteel, I recommend you purchase the firesteel super scraper.  Every edge of this scraper is very hard, sharp and ready for action.  Because the metal is of superior hardness and durablity, the sparking action is extreme to say the least!

The metal striker is securely attached to a hard plastic holder complete with lanyard hole for ease of attachement to your FireSteel or FireSteel Tube.

FireSteel.com FireSteels are already the best the FireSteels in the world.  Combined with our excellent firesteel strikers, you will rest assured you can make a fire whenever and wherever you need one.

To view a short video on the new FireSteel.com FireSteel scraper, click on the image below:

Find out why gear dealers the world over choose to sell FireSteel.com FireSteel.  Get your FireSteels from the source: FireSteel.com!

 Product Reviews

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  1. Great scraper

    Posted by Frederic on Mar 15th 2017

    Great scraper with a sharp spine.
    Good for when you don't have your knife or don't want to abuse your knife.

  2. Great scraper !

    Posted by John on Feb 5th 2017

    I have purchased 9 of these (so far). These are the best scrapers I have found. I have them in all my kits, and have given a few away. The Super Scrapers far outperform other ones I have tried. Heavier steel with a good sharp 90 degree, with a decent handle without being too long.



    AFTER BUYING MY FIRST allotment of the super scrapers & giving EACH ONE a try ... I felt "LIKE A LITTLE BOY IN A CANDY STORE!" (No, REALLY!) Then when I showed my bushcraft buddies I said, "NOW I found THE BEST SUPER SCRAPERS, I BET THAT THOSE FIRESTEEL RODS ARE GONNA BE THE SAME WAY!" And I WAS RIGHT... 110 % RIGHT!!!

  4. Great Scraper

    Posted by Tatanka Chuck on Dec 31st 2016

    Small yet easy to hold onto. Throws a shower of sparks. Part of my fire making kit projects for my grandsons boy scout troop. This is the fourth 10 piece order of the 'ranger 3.0" fire steel and "Super scraper" combos. These work great together. Also, see my review of the "Ranger 3.0" fire steel.

  5. Works better than the back of my knife

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 26th 2016

    Durable, lightweight ,easy to use in the cold. Overall perfect.

  6. The Best Striker for the money

    Posted by DeanO on Dec 6th 2016

    I purchase these strikers five at a time; they are simply the best. The striker is well made, the steel is premium and the 90 degree edge is perfect. There are the cheap made in China strikers but this one is the real deal

  7. There is nothing better on the market!

    Posted by Robert McGraw on Nov 15th 2016

    Let me start by saying I don’t write many reviews, that is because, I don’t feel like many products are worth reviewing. Too many of the products we buy today are cheaply made pieces of junk that don’t live up to half of what the infomercials lead us to believe these products can do.

    This FireSteel Super Striker in NOT one of those items.

    When you consider the size and effectiveness of this striker you will have to agree that it is the best overall product to get the job done. It is so small that you can put it anywhere; it even fits nicely on your keychain or in an Altoids can.

    When it comes to extreme backpacking, well, this scraper becomes indispensable. It weighs almost nothing and comes with a super comfortable grip that doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t feel super cold even during the coldest mornings.

    Another added bonus you will enjoy with this scrapper is its super compact, yet ultra effective size. Its size and weight allow you to carry several of them with you at all times and still save valuable weight and space in your already overstuffed backpack or bug out bag.

    If all of that wasn’t enough to make you want to own a dozen of these then cost certainly will. At $1.79 a piece these scrappers just cant be beat. I believe my last order of these was for 10 of them. I have to keep ordering them because every time I show one to a friend they automatically want the one I have. At this price, I just feel compelled to let them have it. I have to admit that I have stashed them just about everywhere to include in my hunting my gear, my bug out bag, on my keychain, and of course tied to my favorite FireSteels.

    If I ever need a fire in a hurry I will be happy to know that I have several of these scrappers with me. I was amazed at how this compact product was capable of throwing so many sparks!

  8. got one on every firesteel

    Posted by mbrd on Nov 1st 2016

    This striker has never failed to deliver, and has a nice contoured handle allowing one to use any of six workable edges (each in either direction).

  9. Not to small

    Posted by Leon of Texas on Oct 22nd 2016

    I was hesitant to order these strikers because I have big hands and in the picture they look real tiny. But I was pleased to hold one, the shape of the handle make a secure feeling grip with my big fingers. I laid it next to a P-51 can opener and it's about a quarter inch longer than a P-51.
    It makes lots of sparks too! This thing is a winner in my book!

  10. Best Striker

    Posted by Edward Nicoletti on Oct 19th 2016

    The scraper has a larger handle. The handle makes it easier to hold on to it which makes it more comfortable as well. The longer high carbon steel scraper is a plus as well. It definitely throws some sparks! The price is great! I ordered three, so that I could upgrade all of the scrapers on my ferro rods that I carry out into the woods. Firesteel is the top company on the market today for all ferro rod type products. I have never been disappointing. At this price, buy a bunch!

  11. I buy hundreds of these.

    Posted by Fatwood Firesteels on Sep 27th 2016

    I buy hundreds of these super scrapers because I believe they are the best on the market. It is safer to use than a knife and just as good. I am always pleased with how quickly my orders are turned. Great job firesteel.com.

  12. More than I expected!

    Posted by The Dude on Sep 8th 2016

    Now, normally one would think with a price so small, it wouldn't be worth squat, right? Well, this is one of the instances where the price does NOT belie the type of product this is!

    I have several fire-steel rods that I've collected over the years and each had the own scraper. I was getting sparking but very minimal in some cases (even with my knife I was getting a few more than normal). The second I started using this, I KNEW this is the scraper that would replace all 6 of my others! (one of them didn't even work but hey it was $2 bucks with the rod!) All of my ferro rods throw SO many sparks now! DEFINITELY worth it's weight in gold!

  13. Don't buy one, buy a few!

    Posted by TheWildmanofSTL on Sep 7th 2016

    I made the mistake on prior orders to not include a striker with every firesteel. I figured my old methods (back of a carbon knife, awl on Leatherman, etc.) were sufficient (and they are with firesteel.com brand rods), but my GobSpark and palm striker is such a good pair that I hardly used my other firesteels.

    This striker is so handy and small that pairing it with the rest of my firesteels was a no brainer. My conclusion is: mate a palm striker for your GobSpark, add one of these to all other firesteel.com rods you have, and order a few extra to have handy.

  14. great

    Posted by Joseph on Jul 1st 2016

    These things work great!

  15. Super Fire Scraper

    Posted by Gene C. Harris on Jun 27th 2016

    As usual, fantastic product that works, as advertised, and made in America. Due to the high quality of Firesteel products, that's why I keep ordering.

    It throws much more sparks that my carbon blade knife.

    I just bought 10 and gave them to the students in my latest bushcraft class this weekend,

  16. Super Scraper

    Posted by Eric on May 3rd 2016

    This is the best scraper I've used.

  17. Super Scraper!

    Posted by Gregory Turner on Apr 12th 2016

    Have not found a better small-size scraper for my firesteels, and it takes little space in my Altoids tin, to use with my Firesteel PUP.

  18. it does what it should

    Posted by Rick on Mar 18th 2016

    Better than the others i have tried and fits nicely in the hand. Another great product.

  19. Create showers of sparks

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 15th 2016

    The FireSteel Super Scraper may be relied upon to create showers of sparks everytime when used properly. I have used numerous scrapers over the years but none so consistent as the Firesteel Super scraper.

  20. The ultimate Scrapper for Fero rods

    Posted by genecharris on Mar 14th 2016

    I have used knives, hacksaw blades and almost any other kind of scrapper you can imagine on Fero Rods. Never have I had such an abundance of gobs of molten sparks. These are fantastic. This is now the go to device that I teach my prepping and survival students. One of my instructors that has been a survivalist for over 40 years swears by flint and steel. He has now included this and a Firesteel in his pack!

    My students have no problems with a one strike ignition on Vaseline cotton balls to start fires. It even ignites dried grasses with one or two swipes.

    This is a must have for fire starting!

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