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FireSteel Super Scraper

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  • High Grade Steel of the Hardest Quality - FireSteel.com Super Scrapers are designed to give World Class sparks when used with our World Class FireSteels

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 Product Description

FireSteel.com Super Scrapers (also known as "FireSteel Strikers") are specially manufactured using an extra-hardened metal alloy that maximizes the amount of sparks you get when scraped against a FireSteel.com FireSteel.  These scrapers have become the de-facto scraper of choice among FireSteel enthusiasts.  We have customers who routinely purchase our specially made FireSteel.com Super Scrapers by the dozen and even by the hundreds!

If you want the most out of your FireSteel, we recommend you get a FireSteel.com Super Scraper.  Even though you can use any sharp, hard object to produce sparks from our FireSteel.com FireSteel (even a piece of broken glass will do the trick in a pinch), if you want a piece of gear that is compact and efficient, get a FireSteel.com Super Scraper.  Every one of the 6 edges of the Super Scraper's blade is very hard, sharp and ready for action.  Because the metal is of superior hardness and durablity, the sparking action is extreme to say the least!

The metal striker blade is securely attached to a hard plastic holder complete with lanyard hole for ease of attachement to your favorite FireSteel with Lanyard Hole.

FireSteel.com FireSteels are already the best FireSteels in the world.  Combined with our excellent FireSteel.com Super Scrapers (Strikers), you can rest assured that you will be able to make a fire whenever and wherever you need one.

To view a short video on the new FireSteel.com FireSteel scraper, click on the image below:

Find out why gear dealers the world over choose to sell FireSteel.com FireSteel.  Get your FireSteels from THE name in FireSteel: FireSteel.com!

 Product Reviews

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  1. Best Scrapers!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 20th 2018

    I purchased a couple of these to replace the fire steel scrapers that came with my fire steels because they would barely make sparks. The Super Scraper makes it rain sparks! And they are so inexpensive! By far the best fire steel scrapers around.

  2. Fire steel scraper

    Posted by misterc1945 on Mar 10th 2018

    Fire steel scraper it has proven to the best I have ever owned thanks for a great product!!!

  3. Excellent striker

    Posted by Dr. David R. Smythe on Mar 5th 2018

    I like the small size and once I got the hang of using it, it throws fabulous sparks; starting fires is easier than using matches. The price is good too. If I need more, I will not hesitate to order them from FireSteel.com!

  4. Best out there

    Posted by Val on Feb 11th 2018

    The firesteel scraper rates among the top out there. Along with the other firesteel products which are also top of the line and perform as such. You won't be disappointed purchasing any firesteel.com product....get one and see!!

  5. Best scraper on the market!

    Posted by Happy Customer on Jan 22nd 2018

    I have a Super Scraper on every knife sheath (with ferro rod) I carry. They don't leave ripples on the ferro rod like my knife spine does, they are small enough to not get in the way, and scrape fatwood and bark equally well. Well worth the money!

  6. Best Striker Ever

    Posted by Brian Adey on Jan 10th 2018

    I've tried a lot of different strikers for my firesteels, and these strikers are the best strikers on the market, period. They throw huge, long-lasting sparks from the various rods I've tried them with. If you're struggling to effectively use a firesteel to ignite natural materials, these strikers ate a game-changer.

  7. Great Striker

    Posted by Jawfish on Jan 7th 2018

    This striker is nice. Fits anywhere and does the job. Of course the FireSteel.com products and rods are so easy to use and effective, adding this only made it even easier.

  8. Awesome!

    Posted by Rick on Jan 3rd 2018

    These are the best scrapers out there. I have one attached to every fire steel I own. I’ve been using one for a solid year and it still has a sharp edge.

  9. Over 4 years

    Posted by Norse bull on Jun 17th 2017

    I bought one of these shortly after they started making them. Still has a sharp edge. Great for scraping fat wood or magnesium tinder. Save your knife for cutting and buy one of these things. Or five.

  10. Awesome!

    Posted by Caitlin on Jun 9th 2017

    This is the best scraper for any firesteel. It produces a lot of sparks that some of my other scrapers can't! Everyone should own a FireSteel.com firesteel and Super Scraper!

  11. Don't use your knife...get a Super Scraper!

    Posted by Mark Buhl on Jun 9th 2017

    Easy to use, perfectly beveled edge for maximum scape to yield the best sparks, great design!

  12. The Best

    Posted by Matt on Mar 24th 2017

    I've been using a knife blade with great success, but these scrapers are undeniably BETTER! They are easier to manage, easier to control, and they make better sparks.

    Thanks again!

  13. Great scraper

    Posted by Frederic on Mar 15th 2017

    Great scraper with a sharp spine.
    Good for when you don't have your knife or don't want to abuse your knife.

  14. Keep a few handy in case of........

    Posted by Don on Feb 25th 2017

    I keep these little dandies in my spares bag just in case. These Super Scrapers should last a lifetime. I wish they were a little bigger though.

  15. Great scraper !

    Posted by John on Feb 5th 2017

    I have purchased 9 of these (so far). These are the best scrapers I have found. I have them in all my kits, and have given a few away. The Super Scrapers far outperform other ones I have tried. Heavier steel with a good sharp 90 degree, with a decent handle without being too long.



    AFTER BUYING MY FIRST allotment of the super scrapers & giving EACH ONE a try ... I felt "LIKE A LITTLE BOY IN A CANDY STORE!" (No, REALLY!) Then when I showed my bushcraft buddies I said, "NOW I found THE BEST SUPER SCRAPERS, I BET THAT THOSE FIRESTEEL RODS ARE GONNA BE THE SAME WAY!" And I WAS RIGHT... 110 % RIGHT!!!

  17. Great Scraper

    Posted by Tatanka Chuck on Dec 31st 2016

    Small yet easy to hold onto. Throws a shower of sparks. Part of my fire making kit projects for my grandsons boy scout troop. This is the fourth 10 piece order of the 'ranger 3.0" fire steel and "Super scraper" combos. These work great together. Also, see my review of the "Ranger 3.0" fire steel.

  18. Works better than the back of my knife

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 26th 2016

    Durable, lightweight ,easy to use in the cold. Overall perfect.

  19. The Best Striker for the money

    Posted by DeanO on Dec 6th 2016

    I purchase these strikers five at a time; they are simply the best. The striker is well made, the steel is premium and the 90 degree edge is perfect. There are the cheap made in China strikers but this one is the real deal

  20. There is nothing better on the market!

    Posted by Robert McGraw on Nov 15th 2016

    Let me start by saying I don’t write many reviews, that is because, I don’t feel like many products are worth reviewing. Too many of the products we buy today are cheaply made pieces of junk that don’t live up to half of what the infomercials lead us to believe these products can do.

    This FireSteel Super Striker in NOT one of those items.

    When you consider the size and effectiveness of this striker you will have to agree that it is the best overall product to get the job done. It is so small that you can put it anywhere; it even fits nicely on your keychain or in an Altoids can.

    When it comes to extreme backpacking, well, this scraper becomes indispensable. It weighs almost nothing and comes with a super comfortable grip that doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t feel super cold even during the coldest mornings.

    Another added bonus you will enjoy with this scrapper is its super compact, yet ultra effective size. Its size and weight allow you to carry several of them with you at all times and still save valuable weight and space in your already overstuffed backpack or bug out bag.

    If all of that wasn’t enough to make you want to own a dozen of these then cost certainly will. At $1.79 a piece these scrappers just cant be beat. I believe my last order of these was for 10 of them. I have to keep ordering them because every time I show one to a friend they automatically want the one I have. At this price, I just feel compelled to let them have it. I have to admit that I have stashed them just about everywhere to include in my hunting my gear, my bug out bag, on my keychain, and of course tied to my favorite FireSteels.

    If I ever need a fire in a hurry I will be happy to know that I have several of these scrappers with me. I was amazed at how this compact product was capable of throwing so many sparks!

Showing reviews 1-20 of 197 | Next

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