Why Have a FireSteel Part 2

Why Have a FireSteel Part One
Why Have a FireSteel Part Two

In Why you Should Have a FireSteel Part 1 we learned something about the kind of people who make sure they always have a FireSteel available. These include:

  • The Military of All Branches
  • Hikers and BackPackers
  • Mountain Bikers
  • Hunters, Fishermen, and Trappers
  • Survival and BushCraft Enthusiasts
  • Preppers
  • The Special Effects and Movie Industry
  • Homeowners for barbecues, fireplaces, wood stoves, and more

Whether it be for emergency use or simply to light up the family barbecue, our FireSteels serve to ensure you can always start a fire when you need one.

Here are some important factors to consider when you are thinking to buy a FireSteel from

Matches Have a Shelf Life

Matches have a shelf life. Many people do not know that. Even when a match head is coated to help keep out moisture, the chemicals that start a fire when you strike the match will likely go bad over time.

  • Solution: Coat our FireSteel with petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) or nail polish and store your FireSteel for decades. It'll work when you come back for it.
  • Give a FireSteel to your great grandchildren. 50 years from now they'll start thousands of fires with it.

Our FireSteels Work When Wet

  • Drop it in water? The snow? No problem. Wipe the FireSteel off on your coat sleeve and fire it up!

Never Run Out of Matches Again

  • Use your FireSteel in place of matches. Because the rod has enough sparks within it to make many thousands of fires: you'll NEVER inadvertently run out
  • Consider this as an example: Our GobSpark Armageddon™ is probably able to make more than 15,000 Fires. (I don't know for sure, I've never worn one out and I use it every day!!). Try carrying that many matches!
  • This can be HUGE, especially in adverse environments when you absolutely need the ability to start a fire but the stores are too far away or perhaps its a a long term natural or human disaster situation where supplies are unavailable.

FireSteels are Pretty Darn Tough

  • mailed a package of our FireSteels a US Soldier in Afghanistan.  The package was accidentally run over by a 60-ton M1A1 tank!  Although the FireSteels inside were broken and smashed, you could still light fires with the shards!!

You Are Cold, Hypothermic, or in Shock

  • Your hands can be too numb or difficult to control enough to strike a match.
  • Maybe you are in an early stage of hypothermia or shock. You fell out of a boat, or have experienced severe weather, or been exposed to severe strain.
  • In this condition you may not be able to hold and strike a match! But you can more possibly hold onto and operate a FireSteel rod – especially the GobSpark Armageddon™ much more easily.

FireSteels Have Real Advantages over Matches

As you can imagine, there are many scenarios where a FireSteel has distinct advantages over matches, not the least of which carrying one FireSteel can be equivalent to carrying many thousands of matches.

Do I carry matches too?  Yes I do.  But I love the assurance a FireSteel gives me, knowing FOR SURE I can start as many fires as I need when I need.  That's the value of our FireSteels!

You may not be falling out of boats or having your gear run over by 60-ton tanks anytime soon, but isn't it good to know your FireSteels can take the same kind of abuse our Military can give them.

The long and short of it is a FireSteel could save your life – at the very least make life a whole lot easier for you. Which is why the experts are carrying and using our Firesteels.

Shouldn't you too?

Live Long and Prosper,

Ron Fontaine LLC

Mar 22nd 2015 Ron Fontaine

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