MagSlab FireSteel

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1.940 Ounces
  • A slab of pure magnesium to which a FireSteel is attached.  Fire and tinder in one package.
  • These blocks come without a firesteel scraper or lanyard.  Use the back of your knife blade or similar object to spark up the FireSteel.


This is the same fire making gear as the MagSlab FireStarter by, but without the FireSteel Scraper and lanyard if you feel you do not need them.

The MagSlab FireSteel will spark just as well using your knife or other hard, sharp object (it pays to experiment, some objects make sparks with a FireSteel better than others).

Just like the MagSlab FireStarter, the MagSlab FireSteel combines our special soft magnesium slab with built in FireSteel.

Using magnesium as tinder to help start a fire takes a little practice.  The metal magnesium bar is soft enough to scrape off shavings using a knife, FireSteel Scraper, or other hard sharp object.  Scrape a dime-sized pile of magnesium shavings from the magnesium bar and then apply a spark from the FireSteel.

Magnesium burns at 4000 degrees F (2200 °C).  You can dunk your MagSlab FireStarter by in water, wipe it off, and it will still be viable fire making tinder.  That is the great advantage of carrying some magnesium as tinder right alongside your FireSteel.

Specifications for the MagSlab FireSteel:

  • Slab of soft magnesium that burns at 4,000 degrees F: 3-inches long x 1-inch wide x 3/8ths-inch thick
  • Built-in FireSteel that makes 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions: 3/16ths inch diameter x 3-inches long
  • Weight: 1.940 ounces (55.0 grams)


  • Genuine FireSteel, Magnesium Bar, and Super Scraper.
  • Huge robust sparks that you expect from a FireSteel
  • Easy to use and very safe (Common sense required when using any firemaking gear).
  • Premium firesteel formula that takes your firesteel firemaking to a whole new level
  • 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions

* MagSlab and MagSlab FireSteel are trademarks of

Get your FireSteel from THE name in FireSteel:!

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8 Reviews

  • 5
    great combo mag/striker

    Posted by BA on Dec 9th 2023

    Great price for a mag slab with a built in ferro striker

  • 5
    magslab firesteel

    Posted by david a blankenship on Apr 15th 2022

    get more of these in stock. you web site says your out of stock again good product it works.

  • 5
    magslab firesteel

    Posted by david a blankenship on Apr 15th 2022

    good product works as advertised. It works great.

  • 5
    Great buddy for my godspark ranger.

    Posted by Fred on Feb 14th 2016

    Got the mag slab because i read it was a great fire starter in any weather so got to pair with the GodSpark Ranger i also purchased and took the version with a ferro rod included on it just in case my ranger isn't there some how but they also have just plain slabs. Haven't really tested it yet. Scrapped one little piece off because i was curious on how easy it was.(never used magnesium slabs before nor did i know much about them until doing a bit of research and buying one here to go with my ranger rod.) going into a bug-out bag as part of my "fire box" i call it. will most likely be buying more since it's for a bug -out bag im going to test. The rods are top notch so i figure this also.

  • 5
    Its a bargain!

    Posted by Kevin on Feb 6th 2016

    I'm a Scoutmaster in Michigan and our Troop uses the Gobspark Armageddon and the Magslab...depending on what conditions call for. Recently we were at a klondike derby. One of the competitions was to build a fire to boil water. Everything was wet...No problem..the guys got out their Magslab..peeled a pile of magnesium shavings off,,,like butter... and got their wet tinder to burn. Success! The Magslab is high quality and not that much more than cheap imported crap that is too hard to use, Why take a chance?

  • 5

    Posted by Brian on Mar 7th 2015

    Originally I had bought magslabs which were manufactured in Asia. Then I saw the YouTube videos showing that they were vastly inferior metals which in some cases, didn't even work. Shameful. So I returned them. Then I researched and discovered which sells vastly SUPERIOR magslabs that work exactly like they're supposed to. I'm very relieved I found Excellent service as well!

  • 5
    Mag. Bar

    Posted by Denver the Hillman on Oct 22nd 2012

    This is by far the best magnesium bar on the market. The Magnesium scrapes off easy and lights very easy too and the sparking rod is the best! You can bet your life on this one!

  • 5
    Another great product

    Posted by John Moyer on Jul 9th 2012

    Best magnesium bar I have ever used. This is a great company with amazing products. You don't need to shop anywhere else.

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