MagSlab FireStarter Kit

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2.532 Ounces
  • A slab of pure Magnesium with an attached FireSteel.  The mag slab has a neatly drilled lanyard hold through which is strung a lanyard made from genuine 550-parachute cord with a Super Scraper
  • To use the magnesium as tinder to help start your fire, shave off slivers of fine magnesium from the magnesium bar using your Super Scraper or a knife.
  • Scrape the FireSteel toward the pile of magnesium shavings you have created - which will catch on fire and burn at thousands of degrees F, helping you to start a fire even with damp wood.
  • A good-sized chunk of pure magnesium to help you start many fires


The popular MagSlab FireStarter by combines our special soft magnesium slab with built in FireSteel, a genuine Super Scraper, and two feet of 550 paracord (thousands of survival uses) as a lanyard.

Not only is the MagSlab FireStarter priced right, the added benefit of having a length of 550 paracord handy makes this a true value in any survival or outdoor kit.

To use the magnesium as tinder, simply scrape a small pile of shavings off the soft magnesium bar using the attached Super Scraper, gathering them into a small pile, about what would fit on a coin.  Flip the MagSlab over and use the same scraper/striker to scrape the 3/16th inch by 3 inch FireSteel rod along its length, aiming the sparks at your pile of magnesium shavings.  When a spark from the built-in FireSteel hits the shavings, the magnesium will easily catch on fire and burn at a temperature of more than 4000 degrees F (2200 °C). Make sure to have some additional natural tinder and kindling handy to add to your burning magnesium to build your fire.

A big advantage to carrying a piece of magnesium for tinder is that it will not become damp or wet.  It will burn even if you have totally immersed it in water.

Another great combination for starting fires under just about any conditions.

*Note: I recommend you also carry a larger FireSteel.  While the built-in FireSteel on the MagSlab FireStarter is excellent as a backup, the larger FireSteels are easier to use and give a correspondingly greater shower of sparks when scraped.

Specifications for this FireMaking Kit:

  • Slab of soft magnesium that burns at 4,000 degress F: 3-inches long x 1-inch wide x 3/8ths-inch thick
  • Built-in FireSteel that makes 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions: 3/16ths inch diameter x 3-inches long
  • Super Scraper - specially designed to maximize the amount of sparks from your FireSteel, also useful for scraping shavings off the magnesium slab.
  • All attached to a Lanyard Cord made from 24-inches of genuine 550 paracord made to military specifications (a million and one uses).  Color may vary.
  • Total kit weight: 2.532 ounces (71.78 grams)


  • Genuine FireSteel, Magnesium Bar, Super Scraper, and 550 paracord
  • Huge, robust sparks that you expect from a FireSteel
  • Easy to use and safe (Common sense required when using any firemaking gear).
  • Premium firesteel formula that takes your firesteel firemaking to a whole new level
  • 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions

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18 Reviews

  • 5
    Magslab FireStarter Kit

    Posted by desert dweller on Feb 23rd 2021

    I never was able to start a fire with those generic lookalikes. I pulled this out in the driveway, grabbed some tissue from the trash, shaved some magnesium and started it on fire on the first try. Great materials, good technique and practice make for great results.

  • 5

    Posted by Rich on Jul 14th 2018

    Fast shipping. Thank you 5 stars

  • 5
    All in one

    Posted by Roy on Jul 8th 2018

    I use these alot, magnesiium is softer than crap at retail store, so much easyer to scrape, with a firesteel flamethrougher on it your ready for anything.

  • 5
    soft magnesium, makes giant sparks

    Posted by philip vescio on Mar 15th 2018

    nice soft magnesium makes for easy work with the sparker, made sparks that were more than adequate for fire starting.

  • 5
    Excellent for quick fires.

    Posted by Don on Feb 25th 2017

    Sometimes you can't get your tinder to light no matter how much you cuss it. So, a few scrapes from this in a small pile on the tinder and "POOF", you got a fire. Be quick with your fuel though. The stuff burns fast!

  • 5
    magslab gab

    Posted by Lenn Andrews x on Nov 30th 2014

    I've used magnesium slabs extensively and this iteration works every bit as good and the blank sides allow for a bit of scrollwork customization etched in to make it uniquely mine, a very fine product indeed.

  • 5
    A perfect item for my kit

    Posted by Richard on May 10th 2014

    I just reviewed an 'Armageddon FireSteel' and all the things I said there apply to this item as well. But, in addition, this item fits perfectly in an unused accessory pocket in the belt case for my Gerber Multitool. I carry my multitool always and now, in addition to a knife, pliers, saw, etc., I have the means to start a fire anywhere, anytime. Not all 'steel and striker' products work - this one does, and well.

  • 5
    This stuff rocks

    Posted by Kevin Merolla on Jul 1st 2013

    I love my Firesteel. I carry at least 2 with me at all times. In the car, on trails, on my bike, they are my constant companion.

  • 5
    Scrapes off easily

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 18th 2013

    Nice slab of magnesium. Seems larger than others. Scrapes off easily and catches with a spark well. Good product.

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