with Scrapers

with Scrapers

firesteel with scraper and lanyard

Closeup view of a FireSteel with neatly drilled lanyard hole.

Our Super Scrapers are attached using lanyards made from 7-strand 550 paracord.

As mentioned in the FireSteels with Lanyard Holes section, drilling a hole into your firesteel is a very difficult and even dangerous proposition. firesteels throw a shower of white hot sparks when you scrape or strike them, imagine what would happen if you attempted to drill into them with a sharp metal drill bit!

Fortunately has the process and facilities to drill nice neat holes into your firesteel.  This allows us to lace on a handy FireSteel Scraper (also known as FireSteel Striker) using a length of 550 Paracord lanyard.

Below are our blank FireSteel rods that come with scraper and lanyard listed in order of diameter (Thickness) with available lengths listed:

  • Survival FireSteel series are  5/16 of an inch in diameter
  • Armageddon FireSteel series are 3/8 of an inch in diameter
  • SHTF FireSteel series are 7/16 of an inch in diameter
  • Bunker FireSteel series are 1/2 of an inch in diameter