GobSpark DUO

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3.600 Ounces
  • NEW GobSpark GLOW color available as a DUO!  You know who you are: you set something down one minute and the next it's GONE.  Can't find it anywhere even though you haven't moved.  With a charged up GobSpark DUO, you'll never need to worry about not being able to find your gear in the dark again.
  • Check out that GobSpark GLOW when it's dark outside!  Just make sure to keep your GLOW kit where it will get charged by the sun. No sun? No problem!  Shine a beam of light from your flashlight on it for a minute to activate the GLOW. After 45 minutes or so, the intense GLOW will have softened, leaving you with a gentler glow that will last for HOURS.
  • GobSpark DUO in Safety Orange!  NEVER misplace your gear in the mud again.  (Yes, they really are that bright.)  Set includes one each GobSpark Armageddon 2pc kit and GobSpark Ranger 2 pc kit.  Each kit is strung together with a matching colored length of 550 paracord.
  • GobSpark DUO in Olive Drab Green!  If camo is your thing, this is the kit for you.  Set includes one each GobSpark Armageddon 2pc kit and GobSpark Ranger 2 pc kit. Each kit is strung together with a matching colored length of 550 paracord.
  • GobSpark DUO in Black!  Connect with your inner firestarting Ninja! Set includes one each GobSpark Armageddon 2pc kit and GobSpark Ranger 2 pc kit. Each kit is strung together with a matching colored length of 550 paracord.
  • The palm scraper works well when you are wearing gloves.  Scrape your FireSteel and get great sparks even when the temperature is -40 below zero!
  • FireSteels work even when wet.  No matter what the weather, you'll get big robust sparks from our FireSteels.
  • You can make 20,000 fires with just one GobSpark Armageddon!  - Invented by and sold ONLY by
  • The FireSteel snaps into the protective Palm Scraper sleeve
  • Snap!
  • The metal scraper on the Palm Scraper is made of the same ultra-hardened steel as the Super Scraper - ensuring you get the absolute best sparks from your FireSteel.
  • Hold the Palm Scraper in the palm of your hand - the best grip on a firesteel scraper ever.
  • is THE name in FireSteel


The GobSpark DUO.  Reliability in material form.

Imagine holding the potential of starting more than 20,000 fires in one hand and 1,000 fires in the other.   You'd feel capable, strong, secure, confident...and just a little pleased in the knowledge that no matter where you live, who you are, or what Life throws at you, you'll have the means to start a fire and stay warm, cook your food, or fend off your foes.  It's an invaluable feeling, isn't it?

That's what you get with the GobSpark DUO: confidence, reliability, safety, security...and for a very good price.

Know what else is awesome about the GobSpark DUO?  Actually what's awesome about the whole of the GobSpark line?  Their innovative handles, caps and scrapers were designed right here in the Granite State (New Hampshire) and are manufactured here, too!  We know cold up here in the Great North Woods, so we wanted our gear to be usable even while wearing thick mittens, and we *needed* the gear to throw massive sparks in order to start our fires quickly and effectively.  There was nothing that fit the bill on the market, so we designed it.  And here we are, more than a decade later, still going strong with our GobSparks.

The DUO is composed of two of your favorite firestarting kits: the world-famous GobSpark Armageddon and its "Mini Me", the GobSpark Ranger.

Keep the Armageddon in your pack and the Ranger in your glove compartment.

Or, keep the Armageddon with your preps and the Ranger for your EDC.

Or, leave one at camp for the crew to start the fire and carry the other with you on your scout just in case,

Or, keep them both with you so you know that if you lose one or give one to someone you meet in distress, you'll still have a backup plan.  (Always have a backup plan.)

Want the details?  Here they are:

DUO part 1: Make upwards of 20,000 fires from one GobSpark Armageddon™!

If the ability to make fires reliably is important to you, this is the kit to get.  People are calling our GobSpark Armageddon "the best firesteel in the world".

It's not "just a firesteel".  It's a fire-making system; the GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel 2pc kit starts with an ulta-unique and proprietary FireSteel handle attached to a big world-famous Armageddon 3.0 FireSteel and is complemented by a case which also acts as a scraper (our very own "Palm Scraper") and finally strung together with a length of paracord lanyard in a matching color.

Check it out:

  • A BIG, ROBUST firesteel with a robust handle - the firesteel is a full 3/8ths-inch in diameter and 3-inches long (2.5" usable length).
  • An innovative handle designed for the firmest grip - even when your hands are cold or wearing gloves.
  • The innovative Palm Scraper™ handle with an ultra-hardened alloy blade -specially designed to help you shave off massive gobs of sparks to light your fires in no time.

Easy to Use with Gloved or Cold Hands

Imagine trying to start a fire with hands numbed from the cold or while wearing gloves. A small blocky firesteel handle may be very difficult to hold onto.

But using a GobSpark™ Armageddon and Palm Scraper presents no problem, even with gloved hands.

Easy to Aim Your Sparks onto the Tinder

To use this special FireSteel Handle (see video below as well as the pictures)

  1. Place the handle in the palm of your hand so that the firesteel lays between your index and middle fingers.
  2. Position your hand palm-down and place the FireSteel Rod next to your tinder.
  3. While holding the firesteel handle tightly, scrape the FireSteel rod hard and fast in one fluid motion

This will produce a massive shower of white hot 5500 degree F sparks aimed directly at your tinder.

The special shape of the handle allows for creative attachment to your belt or gear.

The FireSteel Palm Scraper™

This great piece of gear securely snaps onto your GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel, serving double purpose as a protective case.  The rectangular shape fits snugly into the palm of your hand or glove, so that you can scrape sparks from your firesteel even with heavy gloves on your hands or when your fingers are so cold you can hardly move them - potentially a life saver when you are freezing cold or wet from an overturned boat etc.

GobSpark Armageddon™ Specifications

  • GobSpark Armageddon with handle by itself:
    • 4-1/2 inches long (114mm)
    • weight: 1.7 ounces (48 grams)
  • GobSpark Armageddon with clicked on Palm Scraper:
    • 5 inches long (127mm)
    • weight: 2.53 ounces (71.94 grams)
  • With Optional Magnesium Tinder rod (1/2" x 3")
    • Weight: 3.12 ounces (88.54 grams)

Impressive, huh?  But we're not done yet.  Here's the specs on the GobSpark Ranger, the "Mini Me" to the GobSpark Armageddon:

DUO Part 2: Make upwards of 1,000 fires with the GobSpark Ranger by!

With a handle that was designed and is injection-molded (manufactured) right here in the United States, the GobSpark Ranger sports a 1/4 inch diameter x 2-1/2 inch long FireSteel that is made from the same world-class, great-gobs-of-sparks-producing formula that our other FireSteel are famous for.

The design of the small handle allows for a better grip when scraping sparks from your GobSpark Ranger FireSteel.  Your GobSpark Ranger FireSteel will come pre-strung with a FireSteel Super Scraper on a matching colored lanyard made from 24-inches of 550-paracord.

We came up with the idea of the GobSpark Ranger FireSteel kit to meet the demand for a lightweight, cost effective way for our customers to obtain the same quality of sparks produced by our larger firesteel in a compact FireSteel and Super Scraper all-in-one kit.  A favorite of scouting organizations as well as hikers and backpackers who have to watch every ounce that goes into their packs.

The 1/4 inch diameter rod is large enough to produce many thousands of fires.  It is super easy to hold on to your GobSpark Ranger Firesteel while scraping off sparks due to the way we designed for the lanyard to be strung through the two holes in the handle.  You'll just have to get one to experience the ease with which such a compact piece of kit creates great gobs of sparks.

GobSpark Ranger Specifications

  • 1/4 inch diameter by 2.5 inches long Ranger 2.5 FireSteel
  • Compact plastic handle with double lanyard holes
  • 24-inch Lanyard made of 550 Paracord in a matching color
  • A genuine Super Scraper (also known as a "striker")
  • Option to add one of our spectacular Magnesium Tinder Rods (3/8" x 3") so you can start a fire even in damp conditions
  • Weight 1.07 ounces (30.28 grams.  With optional Magnesium Tinder Rod: 1.35 ounces (38.28 grams)
  • Robust 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions
  • Composition: ferrocerium rod, plastic handles, nylon lanyard, ultra-hardened steel scraper blade


  • Genuine FireSteel formulated to give great gobs of sparks.
  • Enough FireSteel to make hundreds of fires.
  • Excellent sparks that you expect from our FireSteel
  • Easy to use and very safe (Common sense required when using any firemaking gear).
  • Premium firesteel formula that takes your firesteel firemaking to a whole new level
  • 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions
  • High-quality Magnesium Tinder Rod optional add-on

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* GobSpark, GobSpark Armageddon, Palm Scraper, Armageddon FireSteel and FireSteel Armageddon are trademarks of

Still not convinced?  Check out just a few of the many reviews our happy customers have posted to YouTube demonstrating our products.  

Get your FireSteel from THE name in FireSteel:!


(P.S. I KNOW these work because I use them myself in the Great North Woods of Northern New Hampshire, where winter temperatures routinely dip to minus twenty degrees and lower.  No need to remove my gloves to light my fire!  My hands remain toasty warm inside my mittens.  In fact, if the GobSpark Armageddon didn't work, I'd be dead.  How's that for product testing? -Ron Fontaine, Owner and Creator of the GobSpark.)

*Being as the DUO is a relatively new combination for us here at, check out the reviews for the DUO's components, the GobSpark Armageddon and the GobSpark Ranger to see for yourself what others have to say about our products. 

(In the meantime, here is one of our favorite testimonies that really sums it all up.  Posted by SteveG on Mar 21st 2015)

"As close to perfection as I've seen in a ferro rod system"

"Nothing compares to these. The real test, with gloves on, half frozen hands, shivering, and in the dark...the Gob Spark is still easy to use and always gets the job done. Typically one strike = fire (if you have done your job and prepared your tinder, of course) Commercial tinder, improvised tinder, even slightly damp tinder, they all light with ease. The big, long lasting sparks are essential for damp, cold environments.

I've demonstrated the Gob Spark in full, brilliant sunlight and still get a "WOW!" from those that see it in action. Gob Spark is the name and giant gobs of sparks are what you get.

But a better testament to just how good this product is: I grab it first, before the Bic and before the matches. It's just that damn good.

I really can't tell how long it will last. I've struck sparks with it several hundred times and it barely shows wear. Sure there are bright streaks and a little flattening of the rounded profile, but that amounts to negligible wear so far. It will last many years for me and probably a lifetime for most.

It is big and the handle makes it bulky, but when your hands are stiff from cold and you are shivering and unsteady, the large handles on the Gob Spark and it's striker make fire starting a simple task instead of a chore.

This is the best of the best."  (Thank you, Steve.  You've expressed exactly why I invented the GobSpark!  - Ron.)

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9 Reviews

  • 5
    Great price for combo

    Posted by BA on Dec 9th 2023

    Good price for combo

  • 5

    Posted by Moose on Dec 6th 2023

    Rain in sparks! (Hello slayer fans!) it’s almost ridiculous how well these work, if you’ve ever gotten a crappy fire steel inside some sort of “Amazon special” survival kit you’ll know how frustrating they can be to use. These kits make life infinitely easier if this is your choice of fire starting. If you are choosing to carry items for an emergency, you deserve to carry the best version of that item, and there is nothing better in this product space.

  • 5
    Gobspark Duo

    Posted by John on Apr 1st 2022

    Best firesteel I’ve ever used. Only firesteel I’ve ever had complete confidence that I will be able to start a fire every time I need one.

  • 5
    Gobspark duo

    Posted by Stephen Brock on Dec 31st 2021

    Best damn fire starter, bar none!

  • 5
    Outstanding Products

    Posted by Patrick Miller on Dec 25th 2021

    FireSteel is the real deal! I’ve started many fires with my GobSpark. I love the duo combo because it’s an excellent deal for two excellent products - I keep at least two-three on me when hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. You can’t go wrong with

  • 5
    Just awesome!

    Posted by Jeremy Turowetz on Jul 19th 2021

    Hard to loose, easy to grab with the thickest gloves or coldest hands, heavy duty but not bulky. This thing is super smartly designed, just as at home in your trunk's "oh s%$#" kit, in your bugout bag or as a primary fire starter for car camping. Love it.

  • 3
    Gobspark Armaggedon

    Posted by MICHAEL S GELINNE on Jul 2nd 2021

    Still working with it. Investigating the best natural tinder available in the woods.

  • 5
    Gobspark Armageddon

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 22nd 2021

    Amazing sums it up. Had a fire with one strike. I’ve been using a cheaper steel and it would take several strikes to light my tender if at all. I will say the striker even made my cheaper one spark better and would throw the sparks to the bottom. But now that I have the gobspark I’ll keep the cheaper one for a back up only.

  • 4
    The GOBSPARK throws a nice shower of sparks.

    Posted by Joseph Rinaldi on Dec 17th 2020

    I would definitely buy one again. It isn't the same as a really large ferro rod, but it does a good job once you get the hang of striking it.

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