Super Sparks from FireSteels

Super Sparks from FireSteels

Typical Customer Comments

Every day here at we receive comments and reviews from satisfied, even excited, customers who have purchased and used our FireSteels for the first time.

For example, this morning a recent customer, Josh G. of New Castle Ohio, sent the following email:

“I just wanted to let you know I ordered the Armageddon 3.0 with scraper, lanyard and magnesium rod, and I also ordered the magnesium bar on the 7th. Got it today. Thanks for shipping it out so fast.

I was stoked to open the package and test it out when I got off work. Needless to say, This thing is AWESOME. Super sparks. Cant wait to take it with me when I go camping. And it fits perfectly in my Altoids can fire kit.

I'm definitely happy, and will be buying more in the near future. Thank You Very Much. You Guys ROCK!”

Josh's statement is just one of thousands we have received over the years in the form of comments, reviews, and testimonials. The reason is simple: our FireSteels are top notch and produce fires when you need them! FireSteels Give Big Robust Sparks!

There is reason why FireSteels give big robust sparks: we Do Not skimp on the expensive rare earths that are responsible for making sparks when the FireSteel rod is scraped!

It's that simple.

We very much enjoy hearing from our customers and everyone is welcome to send me an email with any questions and suggestions you may have.

Coupon Codes

Be sure to have a look at the complete list of current Coupon Codes. Larger orders reduce our handling costs and we pass the savings on to you.

That's it for now – enjoy the day and have fun making fires!

Ron Fontaine
email: [email protected]

Dec 10th 2014 Ron Fontaine

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