null Re-Discovers Fire! Re-Discovers Fire!

Has re-discovered fire? Well, we've sure made making a fire fun!

Thousands of Thrilled Customers Recommend FireSteels

rediscover fire

I know many companies make spectacular claims about their products, but I'd like you read just a few of the many hundreds of reviews made by customers who voluntarily send in their "glowing" (pun intended) comments about the products I sell.

Judging by customer reviews we just may be onto something!

"My firesteel Armageddon 4.0 is an awesome tool! This will ignite proper tinder every time with just a strike or two. I use it to light my gas grill as well. Being weatherproof and almost endless is piece of mind in the outdoors!"

"I've used firesteels exclusively for years. These firesteels have replaced all the butane lighters in all my camping gear. The firesteels always work - Year after year. They never leak out. They are limited only by your tinder. They are particularly superb for lighting my coleman stove, or my MS-multifuel, or char-cloth. One strike; fire. "

"By far the best ferro rod on the market! These will throw sparks like no other. Buy these now you will not be disappointed.... Shipping is super fast and the customer service is second to none. Thank you!"

"I would highly recommend and buy again if the need ever arose. Although I'm guessing this thing will probably last me a lifetime."

"It's a badass firesteel!"

"Throws sparks like my Lincoln Arc Welder. Flames dryer lint, or cotton balls in one swipe. I put one in my hunting pack, and another in my bugout pack. I also carry the small one in my watch pocket so I'm never without the means to make a fire when I need one."

"I've used this brand and model of Firesteel for years now and it has always performed well, Wet Dry Frozen doesn't matter."

"Sparks!?!?! NOPE, try Shards of molten metal!!"

These are just a tiny sampling of what actual FireSteel users are saying about their purchases from

Read the many hundreds of additional customer reviews shown at the bottoms of the product listings. You be the judge!

Make a Fire Using a FireSteel!

hot fire

Using a FireSteel to make a fire is so easy even "a cave man can do it".

We include simple, easy to follow instructions and tips with every order.

What's more, it's more fun than using a match and more dependable too. Matches have a shelf life, get wet or broken, and you can run out of them....

But a FireSteel can last a hundred years or more and just one of our firesteel rods can light thousands, even tens of thousands, of fires. Try carrying that many matches!

And don't forget to take advantage of the current Coupon Codes for excellent savings on your next purchase.

Enjoy the day and have fun making fires!

Ron Fontaine - The Great North Woods

Dec 16th 2014 Ron Fontaine

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