FireSteel Armageddon 3.0 with Scraper and Lanyard

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1.852 Ounces
  • FireSteel Armageddon 3.0 with Scraper and Lanyard
  • FireSteel Armageddon 3.0 with Scraper and Lanyard
  • FireSteel Armageddon 3.0 with Scraper and Lanyard
  • Armageddon kits currently come in 3,4,5, & 6" Lengths
  • FireSteel Armageddon 3.0 with Scraper and Lanyard
  • also available with a magnesium tinder rod


The FireSteel Armageddon Series by are 3/8 of an inch thick.

This rod is the 3 inch long Armageddon 3.0 FireSteel by with pre-drilled lanyard hole, plus the famous Super Scraper and lanyard to go with it. 

Add the optional Magnesium Tinder rod (3/8" x 3") and you'll have the means to start a fire even in damp conditions.

This FireSteel is one-inch shorter than the favorite of the US Army and US Air Force survival specialists - the regular sized Armageddon FireSteel (3/8" x 4").  If storage space is critical (as it may be in your survival kit), we recommend going with this slightly shorter 3" long rod for your emergency kit.


  • Size: 3/8 inch diameter by 3 inches long
  • Weight: 1.62 ounces (45 grams)
  • Robust 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions
  • Composition: ferrocerium rod
  • Total kit weight: 1.852 ounces (52.50 grams).  With optional Magnesium Tinder Rod: 2.134 ounces (60.5 grams)

Special Additions

  • Pre-drilled lanyard hole
  • FireSteel Super Scraper (also known as a "FireSteel Striker").
  • 24-inch long lanyard made of 550 paracord.  Color may vary.
  • Optional Magnesium Tinder Rod (3/8" x 3")


  • Genuine FireSteel.
  • Enough FireSteel to make many thousands of fires.
  • Huge robust sparks that you expect from a FireSteel
  • Easy to use and very safe (Common sense required when using any firemaking gear).
  • Premium firesteel formula that takes your firesteel firemaking to a whole new level
  • 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions
  • Ability to start a fire even in damp conditions by including the Magnesium Tinder Rod add-on.

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46 Reviews

  • 5
    Holy hoardes of white hot sparks!

    Posted by Lights Out on Feb 25th 2014

    I received my Armageddon Jr. and had to give a try! After a couple of strikes to remove the coating, the Fire Steel was throwing multiple white hot sparks with each strike. The size is great! Big enough to hold onto easily with my big hands, but not so big it will add much weight in my pack. Dryer lint and lathe shavings fear my Armageddon Jr.!!!

  • 5
    as advertpsed

    Posted by Victor Castle on Feb 7th 2014

    Better than all the others I have tried. Bought for each son, my wife and myself.

  • 5
    Pretty great

    Posted by Arch M. on Jan 16th 2014

    This product is far better than the stuff you'll get at a retail or sporting goods store. The magnesium bar scrapes effectively without much effort, and the sparks from the firesteel are like a mini fireworks display. The sparks are so much larger than any other firesteel I've used and so bright you can barely stand to look at them! Much easier to get a fire going with this item than the typical cheapo from coghlans, cabela's, coleman, etc... I'd recommend this product to anyone and advise you to throw the old ones in the trash. Buy this. It won't let you down.

  • 5
    As advertised

    Posted by dmc on Dec 18th 2013

    Delivered on time. Took a few strokes to get the coating off but started sending sparks in droves. Coated some dryer lint with Vaseline and fist strike lit it up! Highly recommended as a backup to a Bic lighter. Bics don't work to well wet where as the FireSteel will.

  • 5
    Just Perfect

    Posted by Clint B. on Nov 19th 2013

    This Fire Steel is simply perfect; great size, the striker is superb, thick popping sparks every time; perfect. A three-fingered monkey could make fire with one of these.

  • 5
    Very, Very Nice

    Posted by Dave on Nov 1st 2013

    Works exactly the way it is supposed to work. Big sparks each and every time. Will definitely be ordering more in the future.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Brian H. on Sep 6th 2013

    I have not had a chance to use this product other than a trial test in my office. From what I can tell by that this product should more than do the trick. I also liked the tip that was sent. I ordered 5 to begin with and will order more as gifts.

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Joseph Valenzuela on Aug 10th 2013

    I like this so much that in the past I have ordered 5 altogether. I have given 4 as gifts and kept 1 for myself. Not only great product but great website with valuable information and additional products. I love to just browse and maybe find another product to order.

  • 5
    Hot product

    Posted by Rich B. on May 9th 2013

    These Firesteels are the easiest to use and produce the best sparks of any similar product I have used. Recommend them to anyone interested in quick fire-starting. My wife was able to light tinder without any instruction, and she's a complete novice in the outdoors!

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