GobSpark Ranger FireSteel Kit

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1.070 Ounces
  • The GobSpark Ranger FireSteel by comes in three colors: OD Green, Black and Safety Orange.  Sold as a kit with a Super Scraper and 550-paracord lanyard attached to our innovative handle.
  • The GobSpark Ranger FireSteel kit by comes with a Super Scraper and 550-paracord lanyard attached to our innovative handle.
  • GobSpark Ranger FireSteel Kit
  • The GobSpark Ranger FireSteel by comes with a Super FireSteel Scraper and 550-paracord lanyard attached to our innovative handle.
  • GobSpark Ranger in action, lighting a cotton ball on fire
  • The innovative double lanyard hole handle on a GobSpark Ranger FireSteel
  • Now also available with a Magnesium Tinder Rods
  • GobSpark Ranger FireSteel Kit


The GobSpark™ Ranger FireSteel by adds a unique double lanyard hole handle to the popular Ranger FireSteel. 

With a handle that was designed and is injection-molded (manufactured) right here in the United States, the GobSpark Ranger sports a 1/4 inch diameter x 2-1/2 inch long FireSteel that is made from the same world-class, great-gobs-of-sparks-producing formula that our other FireSteel are famous for.

The design of the small handle allows for a better grip when scraping sparks from your GobSpark Ranger FireSteel.  Your GobSpark Ranger FireSteel will come pre-strung with a FireSteel Super Scraper on a lanyard made from 24-inches of 550-paracord.  (Color of the lanyard will vary.)

We came up with the idea of the GobSpark Ranger FireSteel kit to meet the demand for a cost effective way for our customers to obtain a world-class FireSteel and Super Scraper all-in-one kit.  A favorite of scouting organizations as well as hikers and backpackers who have to watch every ounce that goes into their packs.

The 1/4 inch diameter rod is large enough to produce many hundreds of fires.  It is super easy to hold on to your GobSpark Ranger Firesteel while scraping off sparks due to the way we designed for the lanyard to be strung through the two holes in the handle.  You'll just have to get one to experience the ease with which such a compact piece of kit creates great gobs of sparks.

At this price point you can't go wrong ordering several GobSpark Ranger kits to scatter amongst your gear, vehicle's glove compartment, tool kits, fishing kits, etc. to ensure you can always start a fire when you need one.


  • 1/4 inch diameter by 2.5 inches long Ranger 2.5 FireSteel
  • Compact plastic handle with double lanyard holes
  • 24-inch Lanyard made of 550 Paracord.   Color may vary.
  • A genuine Super Scraper (also known as a "striker")
  • Option to add one of our spectacular Magnesium Tinder Rods (3/8" x 3") so you can start a fire even in damp conditions
  • Weight 1.07 ounces (30.28 grams.  With optional Magnesium Tinder Rod: 1.35 ounces (38.28 grams)
  • Robust 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions
  • Composition: ferrocerium rod, plastic handles, nylon lanyard, ultra-hardened steel scraper blade


  • Genuine FireSteel formulated to give great gobs of sparks.
  • Enough FireSteel to make hundreds of fires.
  • Excellent sparks that you expect from our FireSteel
  • Easy to use and very safe (Common sense required when using any firemaking gear).
  • Premium firesteel formula that takes your firesteel firemaking to a whole new level
  • 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions
  • High-quality Magnesium Tinder Rod optional add-on

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155 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Anthony Jones on Mar 5th 2022

    So damn good I've bought 10 over the years. Given as gifts in some cases. Most I've kept. Love'em

  • 5
    Perfect little companion

    Posted by Stephen Lewis on Nov 14th 2021

    Being a Army veteran, trained in, and taught winter survival training, I always drive home the importance of always keeping on your person some form of ignition source. These Ranger firesteel’s are the perfect companion to carry at all times to give a person some insurance on their survival in a crisis. I highly recommend buying several of these and passing them out as gifts. Fire is so essential to our survivability.

  • 5
    Gobspark Ranger Firesteel Kit

    Posted by Herb Rettke on Sep 5th 2021

    Ease of ordering, functionality of product, right now shipping, superb packaging - what is not to like about purchasing from Great Products, Great company!

  • 5
    Gobspark Ranger

    Posted by Don on Jun 7th 2021

    There are 2 of these with me EVERY day. Top shelf quality ferro rods that are there when you need them. Nice shower of sparks/compact size. You forget you're even carrying them...Until you need them.

  • 5
    Gobspark Ranger Firesteel

    Posted by Big Jim on Feb 3rd 2021

    Bought my first set in 2016. They are great. I have bought more to make other kits. Still carry one all times with me and use it.

  • 5
    This fire starter is great!

    Posted by Jodi Greanead on Nov 28th 2020

    I'm new to this and have loved being able to start a fire so easily! The magnesium slivers off so nicely and the sparks are so bright!

  • 5
    Perfect For The Backpack

    Posted by Justin on Sep 1st 2020

    Perfect size to carry in the pack when hiking and it throws great sparks. A must have for backpack camping.

  • 5
    The gobspark

    Posted by Mike Puckett on May 21st 2020

    They named this outdoor tool appropriately for sure! Gob-0-spark!

  • 5
    Works well, simple design

    Posted by Dennis Buller on May 4th 2020

    I appreciate the excellent customer service when I had questions. This company is awesome. Too bad you don’t sell other survival stuff, I would buy more.

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