Mountain Man FireSteel

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FireSteel or "Flint and Steel" kits have been used for centuries as a sure way to start fires. 

When the firesteel's blunt edge was struck against a the sharp edge of a hard mineral such as Flint, Jasper or Quartz small bits of the steel were shaved off and ignited, producing hot sparks.  These sparks were then caught by a strategically placed piece of char-cloth or other material capable of holding an ember.  This ember was then used to catch finely shredded tinder on fire to which more kindling was added until a roaring blaze capable of keeping an entire camp warm and fed was the result.

Our "Mountain Man FireSteel" are hand made one at a time in the Green Mountains of Vermont by a North Woods Master Blacksmith.  These are the REAL DEAL: hand-forged and hammered into shape out of high-carbon steel with the skill and attention to detail of our Master Blacksmith...and man do they SPARK!!!

The flint that is shipped with these FireSteels will either be a beautiful grade of Jasper that I personally prospect for in The Great North Woods of Northern New Hampshire or flint which I purchase from a prospector in the US, depending on availability.  The jasper is the same used by Paleo Indians some eight to ten thousand years ago for making arrowheads, spear points, and other sharp tools.  

If you like starting fires using traditional FireSteel, or want to learn how, our Mountain Man FireSteel and Flint kit makes an excellent addition to your gear.

Each Mountain Man FireSteel is unique. Approximate size: 3 inches long x 1-1/2 inches wide x 1/8 inch thick.  Note: char-cloth is not included with this kit.

Find out why gear dealers the world over choose to sell FireSteel.  Get your FireSteels from THE name in FireSteel:!


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4 Reviews

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    It performs great

    Posted by Gennarino Monaco on Nov 13th 2020

    With the big Stone I was given it works great. In

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    My Fire Steel

    Posted by Thomas Shelquist on Mar 16th 2018

    I have others but this Fire Steel is better than all of the rest I have, this will be my first choice when I start a fire. This Fire Steel is the best one of All. When you buy one of these you will not be sorry for sure.

  • 5 Sells FireSteels!

    Posted by Thank you on Nov 10th 2011

    I didn't know that ferrocerium rods have been known as "fire steels" since the 1800's. Thank you Ron for removing my ignorance on this matter. The books and articles you showed me where this is discussed with the inventor of ferrocerium fire making products - a certain Baron -whats-his-face in Germany in the 1880's are very interesting! Note From Ron: You're welcome - if you would like more literature and information on this subject, let me know - I've archived thousands of pages from everything from antique books, articles, and advertisements to modern tomes. FireSteels of both types have been known as such all along - which makes perfect sense if you think about it, both functioning along the same lines, people would naturally associate them together - and always have!

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    when will you get them in?

    Posted by Happy on Oct 28th 2011

    All of your products have been known as firesteels for over a hundred years, even these made of iron and steel. Thank you for showing me the book printed in the 1800's where this was discussed in detail.

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