20mm Button Compass Liquid Filled (SOLD OUT)

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  • 20-mm liquid filled button compass compared to a US penny.  I sprinkle these compasses amongst my gear and clothing to be sure I can always find the direction back to my vehicle or trail head.
  • A robust little compass - the same compass we manufacture into our FireSteel Tubes
  • Side view of our 20-mm liquid filled button compass
  • These are HIGH QUALITY button compasses.  Beware- many button compasses are cheaply made and very inaccurate.  If you are going to carry a button compass, it probably should point in the right direction!


Our 20mm button compasses are filled with a clear liquid that dampens the compass needle which helps to keep it steady and free floating.

About as big around as a United States penny, the liquid filled 20mm button compasses have a luminous dial, take up little space and are excellent for survival kits.

Sprinkle these compasses amongst your gear - you may be very glad you did.  Save yourself from getting lost or find your way out of the wilderness, you cannot go wrong by having some button compasses handy.

Each compass is personally checked by me against a very accurate land surveying compass (I was a land surveyor in the Great North Woods for much of my life).

Note that the liquid in the compass may freeze at temperatures lower than -10 degrees F (-23C). If you expect to be using your compass in colder conditions you may be better off purchasing the non-liquid filled button compasses.

20-mm Button Compass Liquid Filled Specifications

  • 20mm diameter by 6.5mm thick (3/4-inch x 1/4-inch)
  • Liquid filled compass helps steady the free-floating compass card for easy reading
  • Luminous dial with large easy to read markings
  • Weight: 2.5 grams = .09 of an ounce (less than 1/10th of an ounce)
  • Liquid in compass functions at low temperatures down to about -10 degrees F (-20 degrees C).
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10 Reviews

  • 5
    Button compass

    Posted by Arlo D. on Oct 9th 2020

    I got seven of these when I found out about 'thumb compasses'. Very satisfied. I'll be ordering more soon, they're just great to sprinkle around in different backpacks. Good gifts too, along with any fire striker from these folks too. I discovered one of these compasses fits exactly inside the lid of a 20fl plastic soda bottle, so I'm trying to figure out how to make a thumb compass that way.

  • 5

    Posted by Ron Lessner on Sep 4th 2020

    This compass is very accurate.

  • 5

    Posted by jayson holbrooks on Aug 12th 2020

    Good quality

  • 5
    great back up or edc.

    Posted by David Fairchild on May 14th 2020

    For the money this thing is pretty awesome. Works well even after some abuse. I figured it was pretty worthless, but for $2, why not? Nope, it's a pretty nice addition to a kit. Would I give up a lensatic for it, nope, but i sure like knowing this tiny little thing is a back up in case. Would be good for kids, back ups in your bags, or anyone just wants a cheap compass that works.

  • 5
    Button compass

    Posted by Clinton Henderson Walker on May 1st 2020

    Rugged and accurate. Well worth the money.

  • 5
    only buttons?

    Posted by Roy on Jul 8th 2018

    bought tese as backups, Wow! quality much higher than i would have thought.

  • 5
    Perfect compass

    Posted by Larry Griffith on Apr 27th 2018

    Work's great for my hiking sticks! Very accurate.

  • 5

    Posted by Dave L. on Jun 16th 2012

    Nice little compass, accurate, NO air bubble, flat base perfect to epoxy to knife sheath, tinder bottle, etc...

  • 5
    this compass is really great!

    Posted by Lois on Sep 18th 2011

    You can't go wrong with these - put a button compass in your bugout bag, a button compass in your backpack, and a button compass in your car or truck. A basic compass often comes in handy!

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