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GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel

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  • FireSteel.com FireSteels work even when wet.  No matter what the weather, you'll get big robust sparks from our FireSteels.
  • FireSteel.com is THE name in FireSteel
  • You can make 20,000 fires with just one GobSpark Armageddon!  - Invented by and sold ONLY by FireSteel.com
  • The FireSteel snaps into the protective Palm Scraper sleeve
  • The GobSpark Armageddon comes in the colors black or bright orange
  • Snap!
  • The metal scraper on the Palm Scraper is made of the same ultra-hardened steel as the FireSteel.com Super Scraper - ensuring you get the absolute best sparks from your FireSteel.
  • Hold the Palm Scraper in the palm of your hand - the best grip on a firesteel scraper ever.
  • The palm scraper works well when you are wearing gloves.  Scrape your FireSteel and get great sparks even when the temperature is -40 below zero!
GS( _ )-ARM-( _ )

Need more than 500? Select 500, then go back to the product listing and add as many more as you need. We've got you covered.

 Product Description

Make upwards of 20,000 fires from one GobSpark™!

  • Note: currently only Bright Orange color is available
  • Your choice: Just the GobSpark FireSteel with Handle (no scraper) or you can add the Palm Scraper™(recommended, add $4.99)
  • Lanyard cord is included.

Invented by FireSteel.com to maximize your grip on this large FireSteel, you'll get the biggest most robust gobs of sparks you have ever seen from a FireSteel.

firesteel handle

The innovative GobSpark FireSteel handle is designed for optimal use in all weather, with or without gloved hands.

firesteel handle

The innovative GobSpark Palm Scraper™ is designed to be held tightly in the palm of your hand - especially great when wearing gloves or your hands are very cold

firesteel with gloves

The Palm Scraper™ slides onto your GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel with a satisfying "Click", protecting your firesteel and making a complete firesteel kit.

firesteel with gloves

You can wear gloves in cold weather and easily use this FireSteel !

If the ability to make fires is important to you, this is the FireSteel to get.

People are calling our GobSpark Armageddon "the best firesteel in the world".

But don't take our word for it: read the reviews below and decide for yourself.

It's not "just a firesteel".  It's a firemaking system.

The GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel starts with an ulta-unique and proprietary FireSteel handle attached to a big world-famous FireSteel.com Armageddon 3.0 FireSteel.

But there is much more:

  • A BIG, ROBUST firesteel on a Robust Handle - the firesteel is a full 3/8ths-inch in diameter and 3-inches long
  • An innovative handle designed for the firmest grip - even when your hands are cold or wearing gloves.

Add a FireSteel.com Palm Scraper to complete your kit:

  • The innovative Palm Scraper™ handle with an ultra-hardened alloy blade - rave reviews for the shower of sparks it creates when applied to the GobSpark.  Grasp the Palm Scraper handle in the palm of your hand or glove for a great grip even when wearing gloves or your hands are numb from the cold.

Easy to Use with Gloved or Cold Hands

Imagine trying to start a fire with hands numbed from the cold or while wearing gloves. A small blocky firesteel handle may be very difficult to hold onto.

But using a GobSpark™ Armageddon and Palm Scraper presents no problem, even with gloved hands.

I KNOW these work because I use them myself in the Great North Woods, where winter temperatures routinely dip to minus twenty degrees and lower.  No need to remove my gloves to light my fire!  My hands remain toasty warm inside my mittens.

In fact, if the GobSpark Armageddon didn't work, I'd be dead.  How's that for product testing?

Easy to Aim Your Sparks onto the Tinder

To use this special FireSteel Handle (see video below as well as the pictures)

  1. Place the handle in the palm of your hand so that the firesteel lays between your index and middle fingers.
  2. Position your hand palm-down and place the FireSteel Rod next to your tinder.
  3. While holding the firesteel handle tightly, scrape the FireSteel rod hard and fast in one fluid motion

This will produce a massive shower of white hot 5500 degree F sparks aimed directly at your tinder.

The special shape of the handle allows for creative attachment to your belt or gear.

The FireSteel Palm Scraper™

This great piece of FireSteel.com gear securely snaps onto your GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel, serving double purpose as a protective case.  The rectangular shape fits snugly into the palm of your hand or glove, so that you can scrape sparks from your firesteel even with heavy gloves on your hands or when your fingers are so cold you can hardly move them - potentially a life saver when you are freezing cold or wet from an overturned boat etc.

If you already own any one of our FireSteel.com Firesteel and just want the convenience of a Palm Scraper, you can purchase the Palm Scraper separately.

Here is a testimony that came recently came in:

"I teach primitive firemaking to Boy Scouts, showing them all sorts of technologies that don't require a match, some dating back hundreds of years. In the firesteel section, I show them a few cheap versions, and the circle comes in closer. Then I pull out my GobSpark Armageddon and throw a few sparks and they instantly jump back as sparks dance down the picnic table and fall off the other side. Really, REALLY impressive!"    -Mike B

And another:

Posted by SteveG on Mar 21st 2015

"As close to perfection as I've seen in a ferro rod system"

"Nothing compares to these. The real test, with gloves on, half frozen hands, shivering, and in the dark...the Gob Spark is still easy to use and always gets the job done. Typically one strike = fire (if you have done your job and prepared your tinder, of course) Commercial tinder, improvised tinder, even slightly damp tinder, they all light with ease. The big, long lasting sparks are essential for damp, cold environments.

I've demonstrated the Gob Spark in full, brilliant sunlight and still get a "WOW!" from those that see it in action. Gob Spark is the name and giant gobs of sparks are what you get.

But a better testament to just how good this product is: I grab it first, before the Bic and before the matches. It's just that damn good.

I really can't tell how long it will last. I've struck sparks with it several hundred times and it barely shows wear. Sure there are bright streaks and a little flattening of the rounded profile, but that amounts to negligible wear so far. It will last many years for me and probably a lifetime for most.

It is big and the handle makes it bulky, but when your hands are stiff from cold and you are shivering and unsteady, the large handles on the Gob Spark and it's striker make fire starting a simple task instead of a chore.

This is the best of the best."

Thank you, Steve.  You've expressed exactly why I invented the GobSpark!  - Ron.

GobSpark Armageddon™ Specifications

Your choice of:

  • Plain GobSpark Armageddon with no scraper:
    • 4-1/2 inches long (114mm)
    • weight: 1.7 ounces (48 grams)
  • GobSpark Armageddon with snap-on Palm Scraper:
    • 5 inches long (127mm)
    • weight: 2.3 ounces (62 grams)

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* GobSpark, GobSpark Armageddon, Palm Scraper, Armageddon FireSteel and FireSteel Armageddon are trademarks of FireSteel.com.

 Product Reviews

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  1. This is the one you want

    Posted by Rick N on Apr 19th 2016

    This firesteel is the ideal size for easy fire starting. The smaller steels are OK for an emergency but if you want to consistently and quickly start fires get this model.

    The handle and scraper plus the large steel result in perfection.

  2. Good Spark

    Posted by Joseph Tobin on Apr 15th 2016

    Easy to direct spark + Consistent spark = Quick fire.

  3. Best on market!

    Posted by James of Canada on Apr 11th 2016

    The GobSpark handle is very secure in the hand and can be held between two fingers or thumb and finger. Works not only with gloves but also with mitts. Because I ordered the striker case with it is came coated with a odorless grease to protect it.
    This is a fist size set up, not for small kits but great for a winter jacket pocket where it should be carried rather than your back so it is close by.
    The orange color almost glows in low light conditions much more than other orange color gear.

  4. Wow!

    Posted by Phillip W. on Apr 10th 2016

    This is my first FireSteel.com firesteel. As of this purchase, this will be the ONLY firesteel I will use from now on. Obviously of supreme quality. The sparks this thing throws is amazing.

  5. Could it be more 'bullet proof'?

    Posted by Craig M. on Apr 7th 2016

    The Gobspark + Palmscraper come with the mischmetal doubly protected against oxydation: black coating + oil. I suspect that you could leave it in a dank, musty place for decades before use and still get lots of sparks with it. It's hunky enough to be easy to handle with gloves and/or in early hypothermia. Even without the palm scraper, the orange-handled version would be hard to lose if misplaced. (Joe Robinette should have made this his ferrocerium rod on "Alone"!)

  6. Very nice

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 5th 2016

    Comfortable handle when wearing gloves. Lots of flaming metal for fire.
    This has been my 2nd order and I say great service. Pleasure to deal with

  7. Understanding more the the gear.

    Posted by Michael Bellamy on Mar 28th 2016

    I would like to step away from the product in this review. Here is why...If you are looking at this product or site, you are already educated in top-quality gear, and that is why you are here, however you should not just base your fire-starting equipment on a review or a website. Look around, there are others. But the paramount company and product that delivers a life-saving piece of gear is right here. I have researched, used, shared, and taught in the wilderness to newbies exactly what you need for the best gear. This company provides only the BEST.

    Now, to what I have experienced. I overland (that's a Jeep term) with mostly experienced wilderness folk. However, I have learned one important aspect when I take non-smokers into the wild; they don't carry matches or lighters. To make this short, I have tested newbies at wilderness destination arrival and asked them to "build a fire" and received the deer-in-the-headlight look. I pull out my kit with a GobSpark and ask the youngest child..."To Build a Fire" (Quote from Jack London). When they "show me" how easy it is to build one, I feel fine that a new skill has been shared...but I only use gear from Firesteel to let them demonstrate the basics of survival.

    I am currently building a fire starting kit for a friend, a newbie, a non-smoker that carries no instant flame...with only FireSteel gear. Materials - Company - Quality. I trust no other than FireSteel.

  8. Hot stuff.

    Posted by Josephine Yvonne on Mar 18th 2016

    When I read that the sparks were hot I kind of said Ja ja. Well let me be the next one to say that the sparks that came of my fire stick were hot and left a burnt mark on the cardboard. I went to make sure that there were no lingering little orange glows else where. Best to try out side but I got excited when I got them and wanted to try one out. Yup hot and long lasting sparks to boot. I am a happy camper with my order.

  9. GobSpark with Palm Scraper - Orange

    Posted by James Kuhn on Mar 17th 2016

    I've used different spark-producing fire-starters over the years. This one produces a torrent of sparks! I tested it with the obligatory Vaseline coated cotton ball and it caught fire immediately. The 'GobSpark' will probably spend an uneventful life in my Bug-Out bag. It's there along with a compass, Lifeboat matches, knife and a few other odds and ends I keep 'just in case'. I'm glad I purchased the Palm Scraper. IMHO it's much better than those small metal Scrapers. Everything is robustly made and should last a lifetime. If, you've got dry tinder or a Vaseline coated cotton ball, the GobSpark will start a fire.

    Al in all, this is probably one of the best purchases I've made in '2016!

    J. Kuhn

  10. It's like the 4th of July

    Posted by Phire Phil on Mar 13th 2016

    So, now for the Gobspark Armageddon review. I am a noobie firesteel user but did quite a bit of research and also reviewed the handy instructions included with my order. I had my Vaseline impregnated cotton ball sitting on my concrete patio. After getting past the protective black coating with a few scrapes, I got down to the shiny fire-making magic metal. The first strike produced an abundance of sparks and left three or four glowing hot metallic embers scattered about the near vicinity of my cotton ball.

    "Closer," I thought to myself. "Must strike closer to the cotton ball."

    I hunkered down and placed the tip of the Gobspark an inch or so away from the cotton. I crossed my fingers (mentally) and pulled the Gobster (my new nickname for it) toward me against the striker. A more focused shower of sparks flew off the steel, one or two of them landing on the cotton ball, instantly igniting it.

    It's amazing how long the Vaseline on the cotton ball burns. A great idea for tinder! I'm sure I would have equal success with field appropriated tinder in the event I forget my Vaseline balls, but they are so handy and I intend to keep my fire starting box stocked with them.

    The Gobspark is an excellent fire starting device.

    Love it!!

    Well, off to play with the items I got in my second order and I'll write reviews for those things as well.

  11. Great set with the mated Palm scraper.

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 9th 2016

    I like the large handle and the palm scraper that mates to the steel to make a perfect kit, combined with a magnesium rod this is a complete fire kit. I normally use cotton balls and Vaseline for firestarting, but the magnesium is a fail proof tool.

  12. Amazing

    Posted by MATT LANE on Feb 25th 2016

    Dear Ron,
    Sir, I cannot thank you enough for the quality of your product. I recently purchased 2 Gobspark Armageddon for my mother and I. We both have a medical condition that severely limits the use of our hands in anything other than warm weather. These Gobsparks are truly a God send for my mother and I. Even when our hands arent working the a Gobspark assures fire for us. For the first time, my mother has a reliable way to start a fire. I am truly and deeply thankful for you, your company, and your product.
    Matt L

  13. Can't miss fire steel

    Posted by Rick on Jan 14th 2016

    Ordered my first one about 3 weeks ago. Liked it so much I ordered 3 more. Remember 1 is none and 2 is one. Have back ups! Perfect size for a long lasting go to fire steel. Amazing shower of hot sparks to ignite any tinder usually in one throw. Now have one in every bag for wife and I both. I also add a smaller scraper to this item. Now all my fire steels usually run two scraper to them. Both fire steel.com scrapers also work great at scraping magnesium and fat wood shavings. I own and test many different brand fire steels and have found fires teel.com ferro rods to consistently throw the best shower of sparks. I don't know exactly how they do it but they're ferro rods are absolutely the best.

  14. The Greatest

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 24th 2015

    I have ordered several of the Gobspark Firesteels and I absolutely love them. I always orders few at Christmas time to give as gifts and they are always appreciated.
    Personally, I carry one daily in my pocket. They have never let me down. I can count on it for a fire as long as I have the right kindling.
    They throw out a great deal of sparks and the sparks are very hot. Seldom do I have to hit the striker twice. I will never own another brand and I highly recommend them.

  15. Great

    Posted by Nace on Dec 17th 2015

    These along with every other product I've ordered from Firesteel.com is great. I've owned several other brands of steels and I don't even think of buying another brand anymore. I like the bright orange color of these to hopefully help find it if I drop it, and the bigger handles. I have several of these, and try to keep them in every winter coat/bibs that I wear.

  16. Better than any other

    Posted by Mike on Nov 11th 2015

    I have several different brands of fire starters and this one is the best by far. The handle design is excellent and I added the Palm scraper. They snap together making a great setup for packing. The sparks thrown last longer, are bigger and seem to be hotter. I've already had requests to "borrow" mine, so I guess I need to order a couple more for friends.

  17. Makes Better Scouts

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 31st 2015

    I am a ScoutMaster and when I arrived, boys in the troop would use all sorts of things to get fires going (matches, lighters, bug spray, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, etc.). I've been using my Armageddon to show them the proper way of starting a fire. The firesteel is excellent - and allowed them to see that, with proper setup, it doesn't take all of those concoctions to get a fire going. It's easy to get cotton balls going with almost any firesteel, but the Armageddon throws nice big, bouncy sparks that last long enough to get many different natural materials going. A good firesteel, and natural tinder are all that you need.

  18. Lives up to its name

    Posted by Al on Oct 27th 2015

    My order was shipped and delivered by the USPS in a timely manner for a fair price. I have only used this once. I lit newspaper to start some charcoal for grilling. It took a few scrapes to remove some coating to expose the shiny metal. I made a couple of scrapes getting some decent sparks, but when I scraped at the perfect angle and speed, it created GOBS of SPARKS. I could hear chunks of burning metal sizzling on the paper. I haven't had many firesteels, but the Gobspark Armageddon puts them all to shame. I highly recommend it

  19. The superman of fire steels!

    Posted by Rick on Oct 25th 2015

    I'm a disabled Veteran and lost the use of my thumb on my right hand, along with other limited mobility in the hands due to diabetic nerve damage. This GobSpark Armageddon is designed perfect for my disabled hands.

    The large handle solves the problem of having to pinch the fire steel with my bad hand. Instead, I just slip it between my fingers and grip tight. Also the palm scraper is large enough for me not to fumble with that as well.

    Since receiving the product I've been successful in getting sparks thrown to start a fire.

    It truly is a great design for anybody with disabled hands.

    Thank you, Ron! You've made an old Marine feel useful again!


    Posted by Matt on Oct 22nd 2015

    The Gobspark Armageddon firesteel is the real deal. Lots of red-hot sparks on every strike. Easy to use and the ultimate in reliability. I have one in my survival kit, hunting pack and truck and I plan to get more.

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