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GobSpark Ranger FireSteel

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  • The GobSpark Ranger FireSteel by FireSteel.com comes with a Super FireSteel Scraper and 550-paracord lanyard attached to our innovative handle.
  • GobSpark Ranger in action, lighting a cotton ball on fire
  • The innovative double lanyard hole handle on a GobSpark Ranger FireSteel
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 Product Description

Note: At this time only orange handles are available.

The GobSpark™ Ranger FireSteel by FireSteel.com adds a unique double lanyard hole handle to the popular Ranger FireSteel (1/4 inch diameter x 2-1/2 inches long).

This small handle allows for a better grip when scraping sparks from your FireSteel, as well as attachment of a lanyard (26-inch lanyard made from 26-inches of 550-paracord included), FireSteel Scraper (FireSteel.com Super Scraper included), tinder for making fires (such as our magnesium tinder rods) other small gear.

We designed this firesteel as a very cost effective way to combine a firesteel with a striker.  A favorite of scouting organizations as well as hikers and backpackers.

The 1/4 inch diameter rod is large enough to produce hundreds of fires, is easy to hold on to while scraping off sparks.

At this price point you can't go wrong ordering several to scatter amongst your gear in ensure you can always start a fire when you need one.


  • Uses the 1/4 inch diameter by 2.5 inches long Ranger 2.5 FireSteel
  • Handle with double lanyard holes is attached to one end of the firesteel rod
  • 26-inch Lanyard made of 550 Paracord.   Color may vary.
  • A genuine FireSteel.com Super Scraper (also known as a "striker")
  • Weight: .86 ounce
  • Robust 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions
  • Composition: FireSteel.com ferrocerium rod - our firesteel forumula is tweeked to give the best sparks!


  • Genuine FireSteel.com FireSteel formulated to give great gobs of sparks.
  • Enough FireSteel to make hundreds of fires.
  • Excellent sparks that you expect from a FireSteel.com FireSteel
  • Easy to use and very safe (Common sense required when using any firemaking gear).
  • Premium FireSteel.com firesteel formula that takes your firesteel firemaking to a whole new level
  • 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions

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* GobSpark and GobSpark Ranger are trademarks of FireSteel.com

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 Product Reviews

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  1. One of the best fire starters I've ever owned

    Posted by Dan on Apr 22nd 2015

    I owned two of these previously and just love them on camping trips and I keep them in are vehicles for emergencies. Easy to use.

  2. Great addition to my survival bag.

    Posted by Harry on Apr 15th 2015

    I was researching fire starting tools and came across a blog that mentioned getting the biggest ferro rod you could fit in your kit. I never even thought ferro rods came in sizes. It's tiny, but it has never failed to light a fire. When I read "go big". I looked around for bigger rods and found Firesteel.com. I took the plunge and ordered a Gobspark. The sparks it kicks off are impressive, and it requires far less force to use. Based off home tests, I am buying more.

  3. The Boy Scouts love these

    Posted by Mark on Mar 19th 2015

    My two scouts were really impressed with how easy it was to get sparks off these, lots of sparks. They've seen and used other fire starters at various camps and fire starting challenges and the GobSpark Ranger (perfect for their size hands!) produces a larger shower of sparks than all the others.

  4. Great sparks of fire!!

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 2nd 2015

    This is my second fire steel from this company.The shipping is faster than I was told. I would recommend them to anyone. Great products!

  5. Great fire starter

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 30th 2015

    I ordered 6 to have extras and the shipping was fast and very pleased with the product. Gobspark throws allot of spark and starts a fire quickly.

  6. Gobspark ranger firesteel is a great little fire starter

    Posted by Kenny on Jan 23rd 2015

    Gobspark ranger firesteel, works better than any store bought firesteel that I've purchased. And the striker, is just awesome hands down. Would've rated 5 stars but the handle on the fire steel is a little small, other than that it works great! I will be purchasing other products.

  7. Awesome sparks

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 15th 2014

    I bought one of these for my son's birthday for him to use camping. As a scoutmaster, who can start a fire with just two pieces of wood, he much prefers using his Gobspark. This one is for me after I saw him use it. And I bought him an upgrade.

  8. Gobs of sparks in a small size fitesteel

    Posted by Gregory on Dec 2nd 2014

    I have several other Firesteels in larger sizes but wanted some smaller ones for a new project. The Gobspark Ranger delivers gobs of sparks like the larger Firesteels, but in a smaller size. I've been quite pleased with my other Firesteels, and the Ranger is no exception, and the included strikers make them an excellent value for the price. And as always the shipping was super quick! Thank you Firesteel!

  9. Family fun

    Posted by John M on Nov 14th 2014

    I have purchased the Gobspark ranger and ammagedon in past. Recently ordered several more rangers to give to my son and his friends. We had a fire making lesson on a nice fall weekend. The boys enjoyed the bushcraft session and like having their own firesteels.

  10. Great size for EDC

    Posted by Kent on Oct 8th 2014

    I love the Gobspark Ranger! I carry it every day in my nylon leatherman pouch along with my leatherman charge. The wood saw works perfectly as a scraper.

  11. One strike fires

    Posted by michaEL on Nov 6th 2013

    I like it. I'm glad I bought three of them.

  12. Only point at things you intend to burn

    Posted by James H on Oct 14th 2013

    I had heard good things about Firesteel.com products so I decided to try them. I created large amounts of sparks using the scraper,the back of knives and quartz pieces from my driveway and the file on a winchester mini multi tool. I will be ordering more firesteels for my other knives and packs.The GobSpark Ranger firesteel is also sold at a steel(steal) of a price. Sorry bad pun alert

  13. Great Product!

    Posted by RonP on Sep 26th 2013

    I gave one scrape of the fire strater rod and a shower of sparks resulted.

  14. I Got Fired Up!

    Posted by Jim T. on Sep 5th 2013

    This one worked just as promised, great sparks. I'll be out of the burn unit in just a few weeks.

  15. No problems

    Posted by Mike on Aug 6th 2013

    This is my first firesteel and this was the best price with the best ratings. Very happy with it, was able to plenty of sparks from it. Used dry grass and got it lit after i scraped the black outer layer off. It did not take long once I learned the technique that worked best. Also, lit a cotton ball to test. Got it first try. Handle is really small on the firesteel, but the grip is good.

  16. Easy to Light Even for Amateurs!

    Posted by Ricardo on Jun 26th 2013

    I had no experience with fire steel products and I'm not much of an outdoorsman. I do keep a tactical bag on me at all times full of emergency gear and handy gadgets that can help in day-to-day life though, so I figured I'd throw one of these in there. I was instantly able to start a fire with little effort using FireSteel, I'm very impressed. Now I keep cotton balls in my bag as well just in case I ever need to get a fire going.

  17. Great Firesteel

    Posted by Michelle on Jun 13th 2013

    Gobs of sparks, as advertised! I like the handle and striker, they feel great in hand while throwing the sparks.

  18. Simple and effective fire starter

    Posted by jhl on Jun 2nd 2013

    Took lint from clothes dryer and rolled with vaseline into marble size "starter balls" which I stored in small plastic container. Readily started a fire by firmly scrapping striker down FireSteel with sparks falling on the vaseline lint ball. I'm happy.

  19. A Must For Any Survival Kit

    Posted by Dean from the cold North on May 17th 2013

    The GobSpark Ranger is well made and works perfectly, a definite must for any survival kit or camping bag. Easy to carry or incorporate into a project like a rifle sling or a belt. Might go for the Armageddon next, just because...

  20. Just the right size for the job

    Posted by Ben on May 7th 2013

    I have two Ranger FireSteels, and I give them as gifts to the young men at my Church during our Men's Retreat. They are small enough to go in a survival pouch or BOB, but not so small that they are not functional. I've started several fires with mine, and I don't see it being used up any time soon. I have my main Ranger on a paracord lanyard with one of FireSteel.com's magnesium rods. Perfect set

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