FireStarting Aids

FireStarting Aids

Our premium firesteel formula ensures you plenty of white hot sparks for starting your fire.  But when starting any fire you still need good tinder to catch your spark or flame which in turn is transfered to larger pieces of wood.

What if the naturally available tinder is damp or wet?  Experienced outdoorsmen and survial experts always carry some pre-made tinder with them. provides you with excellent choices in tinder that you can take with you wherever you go.  Choose from our newest addition: the Fiber Light Fire Starter, which is an awesome wood-based tinder made right here in the USA and our selection of pure magnesium firestarter products!

  • Magnesium and Palm Scraper with Lanyard Kit (FireSteel toggle sold separately) Magnesium and Palm Scraper kit with magnesium rod tucked into Palm Scraper cavity for convenient storage.   Lower image shows kit with optional FireSteel toggle (sold separately).

    Magnesium & Red Palm Scraper Kit

    Our new Black and Olive Drab GobSparks* are now in stock but we still have plenty of RED Palm Scrapers** left, so we decided to pair them with a 3/8 x 3" Magnesium Tinder Rod and string them together with a 2' length of 550 paracord.  Add a...
  • A slab of pure magnesium to which a FireSteel is attached.  Fire and tinder in one package. These blocks come without a firesteel scraper or lanyard.  Use the back of your knife blade or similar object to spark up the FireSteel.

    MagSlab FireSteel

    This is the same fire making gear as the MagSlab™ FireStarter by, but without the FireSteel Scraper and lanyard if you feel you do not need them. The MagSlab FireSteel will spark just as well using your knife or other hard, sharp...