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FireSteel.com Accepts BitCoin

An Established Company that Accepts BitCoin Did you know that FireSteel.com accepts BitCoin as payment for our World Class FireSteels and other gear? Simply make a list of the items you want and your home mailing address. Then email it to: ron@firesteel.com Upon receipt we will calculate the cost in Dollars, add the flat rate $4.95 shipping and handling, [...]

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FireSteel Diameter and Sparks

I am often asked why larger FireSteels give larger sparks than smaller FireSteels.  Of course this observation follows simple laws of physics and chemistry. Fortunately for us, Raphael F., a loyal customer in SunnyVale California has taken the time to draw up a simple chart showing his perspective on the matter. Since a picture is worth [...]

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FireSteel.com Re-Discovers Fire!

Has FireSteel.com re-discovered fire? Well, we've sure made making a fire fun!Thousands of Thrilled Customers Recommend FireSteel.com FireSteels I know many companies make spectacular claims about their products, but I'd like you read just a few of the many hundreds of reviews made by customers who voluntarily send in their "glowing" (pun intended) comments about [...]

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Super Sparks from FireSteel.com FireSteels

Typical Customer Comments Every day here at FireSteel.com we receive comments and reviews from satisfied, even excited, customers who have purchased and used our FireSteels for the first time. For example, this morning a recent customer, Josh G. of New Castle Ohio, sent the following email: “I just wanted to let you know I ordered the Armageddon 3.0 with scraper, lanyard and [...]

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Two New FireSteel Rods

A Huge Selection of FireSteel Rods FireSteel.com has added two new FireSteel Rods to its lineup, this time rods that have neatly drilled lanyard holes: The Armageddon 2.5 FireSteel with Lanyard Hole is a 3/8-inch diameter rod that is 2-1/2 inches long The Bunker 3.0 FireSteel with Lanyard Hole is a 1/2-inch diameter rod that is 3-inches long. Lanyard [...]

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FireSteel.com Does NOT Support the Elephant Ivory Trade

Recently Matt P of San Diego, California (full name withheld) emailed me requesting information that would help him mount firesteels to his Elephant Ivory handles. When I responded in surprise that anyone would be doing that, he replied that it is legal to use Elephant Ivory that was harvested (as in wild elephants killed [...]

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Holiday Season FireSteel.com Coupon Codes

Fire is the Gift of the Gods The holiday season is upon us and what better gift is there than the Gift of Fire? As you know, the ability to make fires is arguably the most important outdoor, survival, and preparedness skill of all. With a fire you can boil water to make it safe to drink, [...]

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