FireSteel Scrapers (Strikers)

FireSteel Scrapers (Strikers)

(Note: these are known as "Strikers" and also as "Scrapers" => exact same item, just different names that people have given them.  We call them "Scrapers" because that is how they are used, you scrape your firesteel to produce a robust shower of sparks.)

We've gotten sparks from our firesteel using an ordinary shard of glass as a scraper, but tough, tempered metals with hard angular edges give the best results by far.

Keep in mind that the spark temperature of a firesteel is 5,500° degrees - with repeated use that's enough to change the temper on some metals and soften them to the point of no longer being able to produce sparks from your firesteel.

For best results, we recommend using one of our special FireSteel Scrapers (also known as FireSteel Strikers), which are made from an ulta-hardened metal alloy specially designed to produce excellent FireSteel sparks.

You have two choices.  Both are fitted with the same exact metal blade.  The difference is in their size.  The world-famous " Super Scraper" is small, lightweight and easy to use by pinching it between your thumb and index finger.  The "Palm Scraper" is more ergonomic to use, however.  You simply grasp the body of the Palm Scraper with your whole palm, as if making a fist.  You can then scrape using the whole force of your arm vs. just your hand.

In either case, our firesteel strikers will give great gobs of white hot sparks when used on our FireSteels. When you keep one of these scrapers with your firesteel, you can rest assured you have an excellent combination that will help you get your fires started effectively and efficiently.

Optimize your FireSteel sparks with genuine FireSteel scrapers!