with Magnesium

with Magnesium

firesteel with magnesium scraper and lanyard

Our FireSteel assembly includes a lanyard, scraper, and magnesium tinder rod.

Lanyards are made from 550 parachute cord that has 7-inner strands.

For a complete Fire Making Kit, add a chunk of pure magnesium.

To use magnesium to help you start a fire, simply scrape off a dime sized pile of magnesium shavings using your knife or firesteel scraper.  The magnesium is very pure and very soft, so this is easy to do.

Next, scrape or strike your firesteel so that the sparks fall upon the magnesium shavings.  Your magnesium will burn white hot at 4000 degrees F, helping you to light damp tinder when making your fire. also offers magnesium rods, magnesium bars, and Magnesium Toggles that are sold separately in our Magnesium FireStarting Aids section.

Below are our blank FireSteel rods that come with scraper, magnesium, and lanyard listed in order of diameter (Thickness) with available lengths listed:

  • Survival FireSteel series are  5/16 of an inch in diameter
  • Armageddon FireSteel series are 3/8 of an inch in diameter
  • SHTF FireSteel series are 7/16 of an inch in diameter
  • Bunker FireSteel series are 1/2 of an inch in diameter

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