magnesium tinder rod

Magnesium Burns

Magnesium burning at an incredible 4000° Fahrenheit.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage by carrying magnesium as emergency backup tinder.

Did you know that magnesium burns?

Magnesium burns white hot at an incredible 4000 degrees F. The secret to making a magnesium fire is in shaving off thin pieces from your soft magnesium bar or magnesium rod into a dime sized pile. You can easily do this with the blade of your knife or your FireSteel Scraper.

Apply a spark and your pile of magnesium shavings catches fire. You now have a great means of starting a campfire even if the natural tinder or wood in your campsite is damp.

Another advantage of using magnesium to help start your fire is that magnesium always stays dry. You can dunk it in a river or leave it out in the rain - it doesn't matter - wipe off the water from its surface, and scrape up a pile of dry magnesium shavings to help light your fire!

Magnesium makes excellent emergency tinder for lighting fires and also can help light stubburn fires in non-emergency situations when your wood is damp or wet.

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    The Magnum Mag rod has a 1" (25.4mm) diameter (slightly larger around than an US Quarter ($ .25 coin). The Magnum Mag rod has a 1" (25.4mm) diameter (slightly larger around than an US Quarter ($ .25 coin).

    Magnum Mag Tinder Rod (SOLD OUT)

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