You read that right, they're almost ready!!!

Most models come with a high quality built-in liquid filled compass, a generous length of 550 parachute cord that contains seven or eight individual strands (a million and one uses) and a genuine Super Scraper that is specially designed to throw a massive shower of sparks when scraped agains a FireSteel.

What's more - the caps of the FireSteel Tube Deluxe, Bunker, Armageddon, and Ranger models reverse back into each tube to create one heck of a handle !

Click on the pictures for detailed information on these fine FireSteel products listed in order of smallest to largest: FireSteels - the Best FireSteels Hands Down!

firesteel tubes

Made of thick rugged aluminum, these popular FireSteel Tubes keep your FireSteel and tinder dry and safe.

To use your firesteel, simply unscrew the cap, reverse, and screw back into the tube. This makes for the biggest and easiest to hold FireSteel handle hands down.

Each of these FireSteel tubes has a lanyard hole for the attachement of a scraper (as shown in the picture) or to provide an attachment point to your gear.

There is also room within the tube for tinder including the ever popular fatwood or my favorite - fine steel wool which catches easily when hit by a spark from a FireSteel and burns white hot.

Each FireSteel Tube comes with a genuine FireSteel securely attached to the cap.

What's more, the Armageddon and Ranger models are designed so that you can screw the cap back into the tube - making for one heck of firesteel handle! FireSteel Tubes are designed and manufactured by wilderness survival enthusiasts who use them every day - so you can be sure these are the best FireSteels and FireSteel gear you can get!

There are FireSteel Tubes made for four sizes of FireSteel:

  • Deluxe Bunker FireSteel Tube - a big beast containing a 1/2 x 4-inch FireSteel PLUS built-in tinder compartment, built-in firesteel scraper, paracord wrap, and liquid filled compass.
  • Armageddon FireSteel Tube - contains a  3/8 x 3-inch FireSteel, paracord wrap, liquid filled compass, and super scraper.
  • Ranger FireSteel Tube - contains the compact and popular 1/4 x 2.5-inch Ranger-sized FireSteel, lanyard and super scraper.
  • Ranger Tube Deluxe - Also includes the compact and popular 1/4 x 2.5-inch Ranger-sized FireSteel, lanyard and super scraper PLUS a built-in liquid filled compass.
  • The Pup FireSteel Tube - a keychain model that contains the 3/16 x 2-1/2 inch Pup Sized FireSteel and a Super Scraper

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