Deluxe FireSteel Tube Ranger (SOLD OUT!!!)

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2.000 Ounces
  • Compact all-in-one firestarting system.  Genuine Ranger 2.5 rod contained inside a high-impact aluminum tube.  Includes 14mm Grade A liquid-filled compass, 3' paracord lanyard and Super Scraper.
  • The  cap on the rod can be reversed and screwed back into the tube to provide you...
  • HECK of a handle.
  • 14 mm Grade A, liquid-filled compass with a working range of -10F to 110F and water resistant to 30 feet underwater.
  • Simply scrape your FireSteel to produce a shower of sparks to light your fire, and you're good to go!


SOLD OUT IN 3 DAYS!!!  More on the way!

The Deluxe Ranger FireSteel Tube ™ is a popular choice among FireSteel aficionados.

This Tube contains the very popular 1/4 x 2.5 inch Ranger FireSteel in a nearly unbreakable aluminum container. You can unscrew the cap, reverse it and screw back into the tube to make a great handle.

Additionally, the other end of our Ranger Deluxe FireSteel Tube ™ contains a grade A, luminous, 14-mm liquid filled button compass with a working range of -10F to 110 F.  We've used ours in -20F temps without a hitch,  just be aware that EXTREME cold or heat may affect performance.

Genuine FireSteel Super Scraper and 3' of paracord lanyard included. 


  • FireSteel: 1/4 diameter x 2.5 inch long FireSteel
  • Useable length of FireSteel: 2 inches
  • Grade A, 14-mm liquid filled button compass
  • Compass has working range of -10F to 110F
  • Compass is water resistant up to 30 feet underwater
  • Total kit weight: 2.0 ounces
  • Size Closed: 4-1/4 inches long x 9/16 inch diameter
  • Length with cap screwed into handle: 6-1/2 inches


  • Made of durable hi-impact alumunium RIGHT HERE IN THE USA!
  • Water and moisture resistant.
  • Cap screws back into the FireSteel tube to make One Heck of a Handle.
  • Built in Grade A, 14mm liquid filled compass.
  • Premium firesteel formula that takes your firesteel firemaking to a whole new level
  • 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions
  • Tube has a convenient lanyard hole for attaching a scraper or securing the tube to your gear.
  • Included is a genuine FireSteel Super Scraper and a military spec 550 paracord lanyard.
  • Room inside the tube (next to the rod) for your favorite tinder (magnesium and fatwood shavings work well).
  • Enough FireSteel for thousands of fires.
  • The aluminum tubes are Made in the USA.  FireSteel Tubes keep American workers employed.

Play the video to learn more about the Ranger FireSteel Tube:

This guy cracks us up.  A man of few words, indeed!

If you have a demo video we don't know about, shoot us an email with the info to ron at firesteel dot com (and thanks)!


Get your FireSteels from THE name in firesteel:!

* FireSteel Tube is a trademark of

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29 Reviews

  • 5
    Can't be beat

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 22nd 2012

    I bought one a year or so ago. I have started countless fires with it. Better than other firesteels I have used by far, and I have used several. Would definitely buy another and will certainly give them as gifts in the future. A film canister with two or three cotton balls soaked in Vaseline and my firesteel are on my person (not in my pack) every time I go into the field. Pull a nickel sized piece of cotton ball out fluff some and one or two hits from the steel and viola you have a one to two minute flame. Works awesome. Try one you will love it.

  • 5
    I'm in love

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 1st 2012

    Deluxe ranger tube has exceeded my expectations. It's small enough to be highly pack able and big enough

  • 5
    Proven Performance!

    Posted by MBS - Southwestern Colorado on Apr 22nd 2012

    I have owned my Firesteel Ranger Deluxe for about a year now and have used it on many occasions camping, fishing, and hunting in the backwoods of Colorado, as well as search & rescue missions. Not once has this thing failed to get a fire going when I needed it, or just when I wanted to have one. I have purchased and tried many other brands of firesteels, from the cheap dime store specials, to the LMF brand, and I can honestly say this is the one firesteel that outperforms the rest. I will be ordering more blanks in the near future. Yes, I have used it that much. Not only is this a great product, and a life saver, but the shipping on it was super fast as well. Great product Ron. Keep it up.

  • 5
    My Personal "Best Bang for the Buck" choice!

    Posted by Coyote on Feb 22nd 2012

    Of all the different sizes and shapes of Firesteels I have "played" with over several years now, I have to say that this is my personal First Choice and "Best Bang for the Buck". This past holiday season I gave two of these to my two BEST Friends as they both are outdoors types and I felt they needed at least one Firesteel of some kind in their "Bug Out" bags if nothing else. They LOVE them. Great gobs of Sparks, convenient size, and a built in compass too! While the compass may not be good enough to do land surveying, it's certainly good enough to give you good enough accurate basic directions so you should be able to get out of trouble if you become seperated from the "pack", providing you have prepared otherwise too. This is not my last Firesteel either. The one I have for myself I keep attached to the sheath on my personal "Survival" knife! In other words, I don't leave home without it! Several of my CERT Team Members have also been converted to the quality and compactness of the FireSteel brand. As long as I am alive and able to go out in the woods to "play", or hunt, or just out for a "Walk In The Woods" I will have one of my Firesteels with me! I can't give a better recommendation than that except to say that the customer service has been for me, as good as the products they sell! Hope this helps.

  • 5
    I LOVE the firesteel tube

    Posted by TD, West Milford, New Jersey on Jan 26th 2012

    I just got my order today, besides the super fast shipping, the quality of these firesteels are fantastic! I LOVE the firesteel tube. I'm so happy to find your website and your products. Its great to see such a solid made product. I'll never buy another Swedish Light My Fire EVER!!!

  • 5
    Highly Recomended!

    Posted by Paul LaRocque on May 21st 2011

    My favorite firestarter!

  • 5
    Amazing fire steel tube

    Posted by Unknown on May 21st 2011

    Thank you for the amazing fire steel tube and fat wood. i really enjoy using it and starting fires. I've bought other fire starters and found them very disappointing. So I went online found your site and was amazed by your equipment and had to purchase one. found your video of the fire steel and got it. It was amazing to get in the mail and see it came directly from you, so after I've used it a few times I thought I had to thank someone!

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Jason on May 21st 2011

    Was hoping to the first Aussie to write a review, but alas, Peter beat me to it! Received my firesteel ranger tube this afternoon and have spent most of the rest of the day playing with it and annoying the hell out of my wife by making her watch me light cotton wool balls on fire! Can light them with one go every time now :) Many thanks for such a great product, one which I hope I will only ever need to use in a non-survival situation, but know that if I do need it for survival, it won't fail. Cheers, Jason.

  • 5

    Posted by Cat on May 21st 2011

    The Ranger is the perfect size and is going in my emergency (hurricane bug out) box. I'm trying to be prepared and this is a MAJOR essential! Thanks for the fast service and wonderful quality! Works just like on the videos!

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